Counter IED Asst Instructors Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by drillpig, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Good evening all,

    I am attending the above course soon and initial documentation is vague as to content. Is it similar to the search team course of old? I appreciate that is focuses on current operations- but a more detailed synopsis from someone who has done the course would be appreciated.

    If any info that is out there is sensitive in any manner a pm to me is an alternative.

    Though this is my first post I am one of those "arrsers" who hover over all the forums frequently.

    Thank you gents!!

  2. Seconded as not a taxing course, we could have done it in three days as opposed to the five programmed for it.
    As to contents, it gives you the background knowledge to allow you to teach it, some search lessons were included but again as background information.

    BTW there is a really interesting DVD to look forward to.......bring RedBull!
  3. I dont think that link will work. If canyou access the Army knowledge Exchange (AKX) via DII(F)
    do the following
    1. click 'Afghan Hub' (top middle of screen
    2. click 'C-IED' on the left
    3. Click 'prepare the force'
    4. Click 'MATT 9 C-IED'
    5. Click 'AA C-IED ASST INSTR'

    Hey presto all lessons and power points are there
  4. Most units will have been issued a qty of vallons, mine training kit, extraction kits and dummy IED's/Mines/UXO etc etc for use with MATT 9 and most garrisons now have dummy IED lanes filled with lovely mucky sand for students to crawl through on there belt buckles doing some lovely mine prodding.
  5. Drillpig

    Is it a 5 day course or the 3 x weekend course run by 15(NE) Bde RTC Engineer Wing you are attending?

  6. Is there a full instructor and what is the difference between the two? or is it on the t'intraweb?
  7. AIUI the Instructors course allows you to 'create' assistant instructors and it also involves mine awareness training.
  8. Thank you for all the info and links. Hope to post again soon!

  9. It is 4 Div Aldershot RTC - Mid May - 3 weekends!
  10. It's good to see that attention to the IED threat is being appreciated. I completed my High Threat IEDD course in Dec 08. No vallons, a little bit of sand and devices knocked up by the duty terrorist.

    The training was of the highest standard and remains so due to the instructors all the way up to the SI (himself an amputee) and prepared me fully. However there was clearly not enough money being put into the place, so whoever reading this:


    Sometimes I just get tired of being diplomatic and tactful.
  11. Apart from the PMEKs, the only training aids we had were locally produced.....
  12. Why would you be doing mine prodding on a C-IED course.

    Is it taught be the RE? If so, well done you are being taught be people who are not the authority on such. Even if it is just the search element (for which RE are the lead) then you're probably being taught by WOs and Staffys with little or no experience of working in Afghanistan, better to be taught by the searchers who have completed a tour and actually found devices.
  13. I say mine prodding, but it was only used as part of the mine extraction drill along with the PMEK and only used to extract yourself as as last resort. My instructor was RAC and had come from RE depot with the correct quals to teach us. Seriously though if the RE or EOD guys are not happy with what is being taught on this they should be speaking to higher.