Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-dvr1, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. I am having trouble i have to make a word or sentence with the letters provided :D

  2. Countdown is for pensioners, the audience is full of 'em and the ad break half way through is used to sell Stannah bloody starlifts, saga holidays, cod liver oil and funeral insurance to the over 70's.

    And Richard Whitely is an iriritating fucking cunt.

    :D :wink: :p
  3. But how would you know if you don' t already watch it :D
  4. Word of mouth... and that Richard Whitely needs a good kicking.
  5. He went to my old school which rejoices in the name of Giggleswick (believe it or not...) - bit before my time though... :D
  6. I don't believe you...........on both accounts.
  7. DS - so young, so cynical!!! Honestly, true on both counts....
  8. Prods, probably not the right time to ask, but is there any chance of slipping you a crippler please...

    I'm only asking because being old you probably take what you can get and I'm too desperate to do a lot of chasing :D :D :D :D :D
  9. You know what I'm going to do with you? I'm going to beat you with my stick and then I'm going to strip off and take compromising photos of us and send them into the Reader's Corpses section of next month's SAGA watch out young man, I'm terribly awful when I get roused...............
  10. I'm sure you are awful when you are aroused but I really need a jump.. sorry to put you under pressure, but if you could set of now I wont take long, I can even provide the tissues :D
  11. I seem to be having the same trouble, but my words are a bit different :D

    Why do people think this is a windup? Don't they believe their own eyes?
  12. but i will beat you shotgun..i'm a wizz on maths.. :D