Countdown - worth watching?

Now I don't usually watch Countdown, probably because I thought Richard Whiteley was an utter fud and Carol Vorderman was a leathery faced old boot.

But I flicked on to Channel 4, earlier on, and saw the delicious Rachel Riley. Is it me or is this bint essence? She can deal me consonants all day. :wink:

The Stelling geezer is a chod though. :D
She's fit. I still would've done Carol Vorderman! You fussy tw@t.
Rachael Riley certainly makes Countdown worth watching all day long, what a body, pity I'm an old fcuker but what the hell, she could still try.
As one youtube comment once said:

"I'm having three consonants and a vowel watching her right now."
Well this piccy had me gniblbrid all right.


She was in a nice blue minidress and heels today too. Think I'd pay good money to see what's underneath. :twisted:
Watching Countdown right now . Rachel wearing a green mini dress and Susie Dent and Amanda Lamb in dictionary corner . Masturbation heaven :twisted:
Countdown's Rachel Riley,

I'd give her a consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant.
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