Countdown to WW3 - any guesses?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The metal plate in my nut is resonating! It always does this when the harbingers of doom are out and about.

    Facts are that the world is NOT a safer place right now, and there's an awful lot of things could very easily chuck it over the edge.

    North Korea is looking to start a war - they've got nothing to lose, and all indicators are that they ARE going to kick off - even Japan reckons it might want a piece of the action!

    We are getting no end of bad news in Afghanistan and the predictions are not good. We are losing hundreds of millions of $ worth of gear in the Khyber pass and as noted in another thread, our supply lines are fooked. We are having to kiss some serious arrse to try and open channels to new supply lines.

    Pakistan is on the verge of going nasty, and if it does, and we haven't got the manpower to stop it, Jihaddees are going to get nukes OR India is going to step in, OR we are, despite having no forces left to use.

    Iran is still after a nuke, and it WILL get it unless Israel and/or the US step in and basically start a war with the much better Russian-armed place.

    Russia is playing silly buggers with the West, and what we are seeing right now is merely a detente, certainly not a friendship, and if they'd just LOVE to have us by the nuts over Afghanistan (they haven't forgotten you know), and it could still go VERY wrong for us in terms of that relationship.

    China is rather peed off with the West at the moment, and there's no telling what they might do if it all kicks off in North Korea. They sure as hell aren't happy with the US at the moment, and there's still the outstanding issue of Taiwan . . . .

    On top of this, the IMF and others are now saying that we are likely to be facing the biggest dperession ever seen, globally, and that means that desperate governments will be seeking distractions from failures at home, looking for people to blame for any kind of woes, mostly financial, and of course, all the big-hitting billionaires who sway governments and who have already lost lots of billions each and stand to lose a lot more will be seeking to find a good way to recoup their losses, and we all know how much money war makes . . . .

    All the free money is being ripped out of stocks, bonds, notes and banks and is being converted into precious metals and stones. The only rising stocks are those of food stores (always a safe bet). The last things to increase in value will be shares in arms companies.

    The indicators are there, the historical prescendents back me up, the imperatives are there . . . . . .

    If something big doesn't kick off soon, I'll be a bit surprised. I give until June 2010. Any takers?

    Edited to add: scuse me splelloing.
  2. I don't think that you're far away from the truth there. The world is a fecked up place at the moment.

    2010 hmm will we get that far ??

    As long as its quick and I go with my boots on
  3. Biped, You need to up the medication.
  4. on the bright side, DFS are having a sale........
  5. I think the world needs a shock to see how destrctive man can be. The Afg Paki border might be a good place to start.
  6. Based on Biped's rather gloomy assessment, the DFS "buy now, pay nothing for the first year" is looking like a good deal!
  7. I'd rather not. The Brits always get dragged in and there are enough of us dying as it is.

    Now a limited tactical nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India would sort many problems out.
  8. A world war we virtually have, what we really need is a civil war or a revolution, to sort this craphole of a country out.
  9. Nuclear purging is the way forward... Sorry I've been playing too much Fallout 3 :roll:
  10. 2012 the true Millennium will be when Armageddon kicks off so I heard a few years ago by some sage full of wisdom.
  11. Second half of 2012.

    Following terrorist incidents around the Olympics.

    Watch and shoot.
  12. :evil: I dont think your far off with the tinfoil hat theory !

    I believe it will take something, a minor thing ,that will escalate and several things will then happen all at once and before you know it we are not having a good day out!

    Al it needs is someone to be stubborn and boom there it is !

    If anyone needs me ill be in the bath covered in tinfoil !
  13. We need to find an Archduke (whatever that is) to assinate then and get going on this.
  14. Immigration in this country for a starter ! :twisted:

    Ps wait till after my tour thanks NBC suits in afghan would not be pleasant!

  15. And then there's her next door!