Count Your Rounds

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bakerlite, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Apparently this is new at the Las Vegas SHOT show.

    Clear mags may be simpler and the counter display's location may not be that user friendly, but for the dedicated but numerically challenged rock and roller this could be the next must have add on.

    Coming to all branches of Halford's soon.

  2. I'm waiting for one that delivers tracer at the flick of a lever.

    Or that sucks the ejected round back in during the unload.
  3. Obviously for Ganstas who can't count past 10 without taking their shoes and socks off innit 8)
  4. A good idea if you ask me. Although clearly not going to be much of a hit with Bullpups due to the position of the counter.
  5. At $25 each hardly disposable though if you're buying your own. Are the springs interchangeable with issue STANAG mags?
  6. saw these new mags late last year, the guys demostrating them also claimed they were indestructible (compared with exsiting mags), lighter and work better well in sandy places!
  7. $25 = £12 give or take a penny
    A2 = = £12 give or take a £ well when you are being charged you notice these things.
  8. Not gansta enough; the counter's mounted vertically and on the rear of the mag. Real men fire sideways and from the hip.
  9. rounds 28 and 29 tracer works for me
  10. Nice idea on someone's behalf but...

    Extra complication=something else to go wrong@the worst possible moment*

    (*note cool, hip and with-it use of symbols instead of punctuation)

  11. Wow, cool, you r sew down wit da text, homey. :D
  12. I iz biggin wiv da hepcatz fo shizzle yo mama.
  13. Be honest even you don't know what you've written there, do you?
  14. Or....

  15. top two tracer
    middle tracer
    bottom tracer

    there just saved you money.