Councils warned over spying laws

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biped, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    My bold.

    WTF!?!?!?! Local councils can access my phone and email records? Some local jobsworth, unelected, untrained council lacky, working on the instructions of god only knows who, without any police vetting, or court controls can look at my email fcuking records?!?!?!

    Time for a revolution my friends, time to do something about this government, AND the local councils - either that or bail out! :evil:
  2. shhhh you fool(!) they are watching us right now...(!) "I love those lovely fellows at my local council..." honest.
  3. Yeah but you're missing the whole point mate.....if you haven't done anything've nothing to worry about :roll:

    One day we'll all wake up, shake off the allegations of 'tin foil hats' and conspiracy theories and realise that we've been had over by these commie b*stards.

    They'll be fining people for over-filling their bins next, just you wait and see.
  4. They have been "urged to review", not prosecuted for buggering about with Terror Laws, I notice. What are we going to get? A repeal? Hardly. We'll wind up with yet more fuzzy and handily open-to-interpretation regulation governing when they can and can't use it.

    Although that said, my coffee-throwing muscles did twitch when I heard some cretin on the morning news refer to anti-social behaviour as 'trivial'. Try living with it, you out-of-touch tosspot!
  5. If they cut benefits and brought back national service, anti-social behaviour wouldn't be much of an issue anymore.

    During the war.....
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    As we are all well-aware, local councils are at the very least as corrupt as national government, though in most cases, more so, as they are not as closely monitored by national and international groups or press.

    So, you get into a row with a bloke over a parking space or something. He then speak to his 'mate' in the local council, who then uses RIPA to read all your emails and check your phone records. He notes that it's a business email address, and all of a sudden, he's got access to all your private and sensitive commercial data, which he then passes on to another of your competitors who gets a bunch of business that was due to you.

    That's just ONE example of how this ridiculous law can be abused.
  7. This ludicrous 'application' of an equally risible law, provides a prime example of the cluelessness of this appalling government. For eleven years we have been subject to government and legislation directed largely by the concept of envy, malice and spite.

    However, just like Mugabe, 'Stalin' Brown shows no inclination to put his 'record' to the electorate for approval or otherwise.

    When considering the failure to give a referendum on the European Soviet Union constitution, despite the promise, how can we even think about criticising Mugabe and his sub-human antics, or even the jiggery-pokery of Bush in Florida relating to his election.

    I just wish HM's Loyal Opposition would oppose! They should be shredding this wretched government on a daily basis - twice a day even!

    PS: Have we ever had in our history a man who could justifiably claim the titles of Worst Chancellor AND Worst Prime Minister Ever ?
  8. Yeah not before time. Its wonderful how Councils who are ardent fans of the 'RIPA' legislation have been warned that overuse might... "alienate the local Council Taxpayers...!" Now, thats what you could call a 'Wisdom Statement', a statement of the obvious!

    People have been warning this useless Labour government for years over their obsession with laws, and handing legal powers such as 'RIPA' to Town Hall Jobsworths. Does one have to say anything? Of course they will use such legislation, the same for row over 'Bin Police' and Council Cleansing Departments handing out FPNs like confetti. It beggars belief that anyone with any intelligence could work out this fact -- overuse of ANY legislation by Town Hall Control Freaks will severely effect the 'health' of that Town Hall. Gor Blimey Mate, just where do these Numpties come from? :twisted:
  9. I, for one, welcome our new Council Overlords.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

  11. For replies like that.
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks Dogmeat.
    You welcome our new council overlords for replies like that.
  13. I suspect you need to be a bit of a Simpsons fan to understand the reference there.
  14. You're a /. reader, aren't you? :)
  15. Well of course!
    You didn't think all that heavy weight legislation was only going to be used against 'terrorists' did you?

    Hadn't you noticed the huge disparity between the minuscule amount of 'terrorism' and the ginourmous amount of new powers that would therefore need to be flexed in other directions?

    Had it never occurred that 'terrorism' was merely the pretext for introducing the new laws?
    Had you not realised or even saw the two punch combo coming?

    First they soften your brain with synthetic terror, then take the p'iss out of you by surveillance and controlling you?

    If you look at the small print in the bill used against those parents you will in fact see that the word and concept of 'terrorism' was only included almost as an after thought.

    Bit to late now, but the trick is, next time a government comes up to you and tells you to be scared about something that quite simply is not about - tell them f'uck off there are no flies on you and anyway you know what they are up to.

    Anyway, must fly.
    The residents of my street have to be out front, toes touching the kerb for the 3'o'clock parade.

    Theres always hell to pay if Little Brother can't see his face clearly in your toe caps when he walks by.