Councils not ready for a terrorist attack???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Sep 24, 2004.

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    Reading this makes me worry.

    Seems that when we are hit (note I didn't say IF!), a vast majority of the councils will not be able to cope as they do not have the plans in place to cope with mass evacuation, mass casualities and contamination on a large scale :?

    This makes very grim reading :evil:
  2. Most of them aren't ready for anything except an increase in councillor allowances and an increase in council tax to pay for them. There are two local authorities in the media that have councillors living abroad (one in the Caribbean) that still claim allowances!
  3. None of the councils I've seen are ready for anything.

    I work with (notice, I said WITH not FOR) a few of the big ones and trust me, they'd fall to pieces if someone threw a thunderflash down a manhole.

    I was sitting in on a discussion the other day with a council slightly up and left from me when the "CCP" (Civil Contingency Plan) was bought up. Out of 12 people there (not including myself and the other 3 contractors), 4 looked completely blank, i.e. no idea what we were talking about, 7 of them hadn't seen it recently (i.e. in the last 12 months) and the other one was asking everyone else WHY they had never seen it. These people were heads of dept for things like highways and housing (who are the Police liaison officers), LEA (look after our kids), health dept (self explanatory), leisure dept (supposed to make space for refugees), the list goes on.

    I came away from there firmly convinced that in the event of the sh1t hitting the fan, the best thing to do was to grab hold of the old S10 that I borrowed, don the noddy suit that I also borrowed, load the side by side up and totally ignore everything that the local council told me, that way I may stand a better chance of surviving 8O

    W*nk is too nice a word to use for their incompetence and sh1te attitude. When, after the meeting, I got into a conversation with the head of highways (who, believe it or not is probably the most important one of them as they control and monitor routes in and out of any potential disaster area and also liaise with the Police) how come he hadn’t seen the CCP, his answer was “I get loads of stuff come across me desk every day, I don’t get chance to read all of it”.

    I’m off to build a concrete bunker and fill it full of beans, rice pudding and 12G 32 grm cartridges.
  4. Councils..never mind the feckin councils........................Our Armed Forces are so weak and overstretched we couldn't stop feckin 'Ground Force' from digging in 8O
  5. LWM, I volunteer you to stop Charlie Dimmock. With nips and swingers like that, she'll have yer eyes out.
  6. NBC mask mate.................its what its designed for!! :D
  7. Yet another good reason for living in the countryside: unless AQ plan on hitting the moors, I'm alright Jack....
  8. A strike on London would reduce the Assylum waiting list, the number of Australian bar staff and might waken up this particular Government. A strike on Edingburgh however would be considered.......? and what about Belfast? and the capitol of Wales.........Liverpool? 8)
  9. i've often thought scotland could be a soft target along with wales. i find it surprising though, to be honest, that in light of IRA threats over the years, and events that have taken place, that more councils, especially down south, would have a better understanding and knowledge of what to do if (or more likely now, when) the uk is hit. the current situation is laughable at best and no amount of spin can hide it.

    incidentally i've not mentioned ireland for the mere fact its a seperate island to scotland/england/wales and i honestly think that it may be overlooked as a target. just my thoughts, and i'm far from being an expert.

    frightening times we live in, but i guess its best not to dwell on it, and in my case, hide my head in the sand for fear of it driving me mad.
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The ball and chain is middle management at a major city council.

    The ball and chain has confirmed that they are so short of cash through 20 years of central government bollocks, bullshit and "lean management" that they couldn't deal with a waterpistol incident.

    The councils don't have spare staff on a " just in case it goes to ratshit" basis and we would all bleat about it if they did because we would be paying for it on the council tax.

    Pack in the " We should be prepared" attitude for a minute and remember that we have a central government prepared to lie about the availability of body armour for front line troops so what chance is there that Birmingham City Council can majic an NBC team out of thin air?
  11. Agree with MIB, but how much do you want to bet that local gov will suddenly magic these people out of the air after the first time that a major incident occurs?

    There is still too much of the "it'll never happen to us" syndrome knocking about with local authorities, they will never prepare properly whilst they still think that it is only a possibility, they'll only act after it is too late.

    After all, it all sounds a little far fetched until planes fly into buildings or trains start exploding, doesn't it?
  12. God, I'm so not surprised. Most councils main concern is to make sure they are making money, picking on poor so-so's, taing grannys to court for non-payment, and being so so pc. Having been physically attacked before outside one of their buildings, I had mentioned in passing that I now carry a spray in case of something similar happening again (stupid me).... what the feck do they do? Send me a letter stating that if I do not sign it to say I won't carry the spray, I cannot enter any of their buildings...... well flip me.....
    As for possible AQ attacks, I have stronger farts than their preparation.

  13. But people... You're supposed to go in, stay in and tune in!
    Heed the government advice please!!!

  14. All right it seems weak in the face of the threat but this is really just a variation of "Stay in your trench". Good enough for the likes of us cos we volunteered.

    The first responders at the location in ANY major incident are always those that were there to start with i.e. the general population. Do we teach them appropriate IA drills? No because that would imply that they've got a role and therefore a responsibility in their own welfare. Cant go loading reponsibilities on people if you want their vote.