Councils are sitting on a lot of money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Corruption ... from politicians :pig: (albeit at Council level)?
    They probably need to use the interest to fund study visits to Hawaii, Florida and other exotic places before they can make an "informed" decision
  2. Doesn't surprise me. Kerrier council in Cornwall are by far the worst council I've ever came across. Place is in crap state but they can afford to build a nice new council building for themselves when there was sod all wrong with the old place. Absolutely dire. :pissedoff:
  3. This is government sanctioned blackmail, nothing more, nothing less.

    Developers cannot develop unless they pay a sum to the council coffers - it's not an administration fee. Why are the police not investigating this one while they are looking into the cash-for-honours thing?

    Not only are developers blackmailed by local councils/national government, they often as not have to pay back-handers/sweeteners (also known in legal terms as bribes) to local planning departments to get their plans through.

    3rd world countries have a lot to learn from us.
  4. South Gloucester are avarice personified, screwing rural residents for hodloads but providing b*gger-all service to us. I even have to move my bin 200 yards to the road before they will deign to collect it. As for education, well I shall be trying to recoup ten years of subsidy when the fenianette goes to "big school" in September. She will be under instructions to use as much pen, paint and paper as she can feasibly get away with.
  5. Support Private Eye on this one arrsers. They dig up things that would make anyone but a politician blush.
  6. I'm paying nearly £20,000 for a 106 agreement on a small development in South London. No pay - no planning permission. A conservative council BTW.

    A Liebour council in the North West wants a few bob just for on change of use (guest house to single dwelling). The difficulty here is the decision rests with the planning department NOT the planning committee. A "donation" to Liebour wont do the trick in this case as it will not go to the planning committee.
  7. As ever, you have to look at these things a bit more before making your conclusions. S106 agreements can be very useful for councils. Why should existing council tax payers (that's you and me) subsidise all the infrastructure stuff that has to be provided to go with a development? If a housebuilder builds a huge new estate, making millions of profit, why shouldn't they pay for a new school to go with it? Obviously the Council may make some extra council tax money from new residents but they don't get a penny direct from commercial developments - all the business rates go to Gordon Brown for "redistribution". I'm sure that bribes do happen to get planning permissions sometimes, but S106 isn't a bribe - if it keeps your tax down, isn't that a good thing?
  8. I'd bet that Richmondshire District Council in N Yorks and the reptiles it employs as local councillors would hold them to a fight. They tried the same stunt just recently.