Councillors Past & Present - Do you trust your local councillor?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. A town councillor has been charged in connection with a series of suspected explosive incidents which saw residents in a Welsh town evacuated from their homes, police said.

    A man and woman were arrested by detectives in Denbigh, Denbighshire, as part of the probe into a series of incidents where objects were ignited in the town, North Wales Police said. The incidents led to windows being broken and cars being damaged.

    North Wales Police confirmed that John Larsen, 46, from Lenten Pool, Denbigh, has been charged with causing an explosion likely to endanger life or damage property. Larsen, who sits on Denbigh Town Council and represents the central ward, is due to appear at Prestatyn Magistrates' Court later.

    Why should you trust a councillor?.........I always remember a councillor of Monaghan town council in the eighties.....Jimmy Linagh....after a career of killing....he got his, along with seven other gangsters of the IRA, at the rural police station of L******** .
  2. Makes a change from being caught dogging I suppose.
  3. I can trust mine to collect their wages and that's it.
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  4. Ours is a neighbour of mine, formerly Chair of the Community Council, at which he was quite decent. Spoke common sense English etc. Since becoming a Tory Councillor the slide to political double-talk and an inability to express himself in one sentence has become rather marked. I've stopped inviting him to the pub because its blindingly obvious he's thinking about every word he says and looking for opportunities to score political points. Pathetic really.
  5. About right. All of them are in practical terms a waste of space anyway , my Local Authority being firmly in the grip of a megalomanic Chief Executive and his manifold toadies, which may or may not include a number of current and former councillors.

    My choice of representatives is:

    Conservative: pleasant but wholly ineffectual coffin dodger

    LimpDem: Never worked party activist. Big on Wimmin issues

    UKIP: "local businessman" (second hand car dealer. Google him and local press coverage suggests he is "known" to Trading Standards)

    Labour: dripping wet teacher

    Wonderful choice.
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  6. Welcome to the modern, media dominated, world..............
  7. We've got two here so a great choice. The incumbent Tory is landlord of the local 'fun bar' and about as much use as tits on a fish. Ironically, if you pinned a blue rosette to a fish it would get in around here, so I expect that we'll be rewarding mediocrity again in the elections.
  8. Great little earner though, you've only to make so many meetings a year, then don't turn up to any other ones. I know someone who is a Labour councillor, with her works pension and wages from council, she earnt the same as when she worked full-time, easy life.
  9. Surely the question should be whether or not we can trust the Welsh, elected representatives or not?
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  10. Not quite - you forgot the expenses and assorted freebies. :|

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  11. Come on chaps. Let’s sort this out; Town councillors don't get paid a bean.
    The sad thing is that being a Counsellor does demand time, and most people haven’t got the time to commit, or the inclination to be battered by the bolshie arsy folk which every Town has.
    So go on, make a change and stand for election, it does at least give you an indication as to how popular you are. It is not something I would suggest for those who are emotionally tender!
  12. Half? That is just the tip of the iceberg. Much LA spending remains obscured by accident or design compounded by much shrieking when their gravy train is even slightly slowed.

    You can get a flavour from going through the work of the Taxpayers Alliance. Here is a fine example:

    Why does Barnet need 47 staff earning more than £100K?

    What justifies the 52 council employees earning more than £250K?
  13. Yeah they don't get paid, it's allowances, beg your pardon, about £22K I think.
  14. I've been a Councillor. I stood and won in Heathrow Villages constituency. Just a few week later, some bugger announced they wanted to build a new runway through the middle of my constituency. Guess what I spent the next four years fighting against?

    There are several categories of people that become a Councillor but they do broadly fall into these two groups. Those that work for their money and those that do bugger all for their money.

    Councillors now get a salary (some call it a members allowance) for their efforts. The bottom of the rung is still somewhere around the ten grand a year mark in most Council's and that can be a nice little addition to what you have coming in from regular employment.

    Many Councillors work very hard and provide a good service to their constituents. Being a Councillor can easily be the equivalent of a full time job. There will be a mixture of full Council meetings, committee meetings, meetings with Council officers, your own political party meetings and then of course and probably most importantly, you are expected to provide a service to the people who put you there, your electors.

    That will range from regular surgeries to home visits and various events that you will be expected to attend as a ward Councillor.

    Sadly, there are some people who do get elected who just pocket the money and do very little or the bare minimum for it. I'm not sure how you would change that. There isn't an actual job description or an employment contract for Councillors. Given the absence of that kind of formal coercion to do a proper job, it's up to the party whip to make people pull their finger out and of course, if they are all good friends, that may well not happen.

    Apart from the money, is it worth doing it? Certainly. I enjoyed it immensely and there can be a bit of a buzz when you manage to successfully help a really genuine case to a happy conclusion. If you have an interest in active politics, it certainly feeds it and with the right outlook and a bit of luck, you can achieve a lot for your local community.
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