Council tells iraq veteran: Try the homeless shelter

Fuss about **** all. Whilst he is housed they cannot give him priority, once he is back in the uK they tell him to contact the homeless hotline. Could this be the quickest way to get a house? Probably but not good enough for our hero obviously he must have all accommodation laid on for the instant he wants it.
So if I signed off tomorrow, would the headlined read "Afghan vet and his family shamefully made homeless."?

The reality should read "******** has a strop at work, signs off and has no home to show for it."

Naturally I'm not stupid enough to brave 1(UK) Civ Div. I'll take SFA and my payslip any day thanks.


This thread is in dire need of revving up. How do you think that you're going to gain any reaction without the obligatory "John nie Foreigner" comments?

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