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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BigMac, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. I've recently bought my first home (in Wales) and am serving unaccompanied in NI. The wife and kids are in the new house.

    We registered for council tax under the single person scheme as I will be living in Ulster. This scheme is supposed to provide a council tax reduction of 25% if there is only one adult over 16yo in full time occupation of the house. As I'm going to be home for less than 6 weeks per year I believe we should be eligable for this as the wife is the only adult living there.

    The local council have stated that we have to pay the full amount because as I am in the army and therefore the house is now classed as my permanent residence, despite the fact that I don't actually live there.

    Does anyone know what the score is then?
  2. Full whack. Sorry.
  3. I ******* detest council tax...£140 a month for the bastards to empty my bins.
  4. How do you think I feel? I'm not even there to fill the friggin bin!

    So let me get this right. I've to pay the full wack of council tax because I'm in the Army, despite not living at the address. However from what I understand (which isn't much admittedly), if Joe Civvy was in the same boat they would be entitled to the reduction.

    Is this the case?
  5. Applies exactly the same, if your main residence is in place X and work away in place Y you still pay full wack for place X
  6. i am not sure but can you not claim GYO(D) as you pay full council tax as long as it is in your name, this is to cover the costs of going back to "check" the house? maybe someone can clarify ?
  7. Unfortunately Wales have interpreted the law differently to UK. If your house it was unoccupied and provided you don't live in the Mess you would be able to obtain a 50% discount under The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) Wales Amendments Regs 2010. You could try your Welsh MP but the crux seems to be that Carmarthen council made a stand on the amendment to the original legislation stating that it did not apply to Wales and did not accept CILOCT (Cash in lieu of Council Tax) negaed SFA as an exempt class O Dwelling. If you are not in Camarthenshire maybe they will be more understanding