Council tax

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Avre, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    One would associate these sort of moves with an upcoming election.To be dropped sometime around 22.01 on the election day.

    Cynical? very.
  2. Soldiers, SLA, should not have to pay anyway.

    CT is a complete rip-off even for permanent residents of boroughs. Abolish the whole thing and put 2p on income tax instead. It would probably raise more revenue anyway!
  3. Trouble is 'walt' the unemployable get away with it again!

    Abolish 'socialism' and take 2 New Pence OFF Income Tax is the way ahead!
  4. Just had my council tax bill for the year delivered by hand this evening. [Saves the council paying postage] For this I get my rubbish taken away every Thursday [any amount and any container], street lighting, a floodlit village football pitch, very little crime, a decent sewage/waste system, police, fireservice etc, etc,] ..Oh! being a pensioner, total yearly rates about thirty quid for a large 4 bedroomed house! Too many jobsworth [parking attendants etc.,] being paid too much at local level in an overcrowded country that is the UK means you will aways bleed for what you get. I feel sorry for you. .. And yes, I do think servicemen and women should be given concessions.
  5. Council tax should be replaced with a local government purchase tax of 2% on everything you buy, the same as the USA.
    Also the tax take stays in the area that the goods were bought in.
    That way the "burden" gets everyone including the JK class.

    Win Win all round, why hasn't one of the parties thought of this one.

  6. Amazing that the Labour government ministers are all, only now thinking of these wonderful benefits for the forces isnt it?

    Is there an election due soon then?
  7. The trouble with these sort of schemes is that only a "small few" will benefit depending on which side of the council boundary you live in.
    Blanket policies to benefit serving and ex service personnel covering the whole of U.K must be adopted by central Government so we can ALL benefit.....
    Not just the "chosen few".
  8. Singlies pay something like 8p a day so its not much of a hardship, if anything its a bargain.
  9. I pay income tax, several 'classes' of personal national insurance, and VAT on every purchase I make. Because I also own the company, I pay employers national insurance on top of that. Oh, and if I put money into a savings account and die, it's taxed before my family get hold of it.

    I'm not sure it would work, but the 'fairest' way to do things would be to drop income tax and NI, and hike up VAT. That way, low end earners would pay a little tax, high end earners would pay a lot of tax. There's nothing fair about taxing high end earners at a higher percentage.

    In reality, I'm not that fussed how the tax is taken - but I'd vote for a simple system that enables me to deduct a simple percentage and see exactly how much of my wage packet the Government is taking.
  10. This failed government, with an election in the offing, is thinking - after thirteen years - of so many good ideas you may feel a tiny touch of cynicism in the air.

    They had no ideas in 1997 and they have no clues about ideas now - excepting for their adherence to the tenets of spite, envy,malice and the old favourite - the class war!
  11. I love this idea of a 'class war'. How can you go to war with the 'class' who pay your benefits?
  12. £140 Rebate which is 25%, around here its not even one months council tax on a band D...Grrr
  13. Council Tax should be replaced by a Local Income Tax like the porridge wogs have suggested! At least that way it takes into account your ability to pay the damn thing :D
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Here's an idea that would work: slash the size of the state and stop taking money off people in the first place.