council tax why do we pay 12 months?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_mac4824, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. This has probably been asked already, but why is it as a soldier I pay 12 months council tax instead of 10? :?
  2. we all pay 12 months council tax it is the policy of my council at least to collect it over ten months haven't got a clue why though.
  3. Not wishing to come across stupid but why are paying 12 months? I take it works out the same as civvies, but we just pay less each month for two extra months?
  4. I've never paid civi council tax, but what months dont you pay? Is it something to do with councils not collecting for 2 months prior to the new financial year giving them breathing space to get their accounts straight (and time to think about how to charge you twice for the same service)?
  5. No idea why they do it but correct, you dont pay the two months prior to the new financial year.
  6. As someone has already said. Coucil tax is an annual fee, however, if you choose to pay it in installments, it is 10 installments. The military do equal monthly installments over a year. That is all. Presumably, a much fairer way of doing it for the soldier, due to the amount of family moves they do.
  7. Didn't we all just say that? (With the exception of the moves bit) :roll: Although the odd bit being, should you move from your civvie house at any point before the 10th payment, even if you move on the last day of the month you have paid up to and including, you are not up to date with payments. Found that out to my surprise the first time I moved mid-year.