Council tax...whats it all about


For councillors to go on jaunts to exotic places to find how to run their own towns and cities efficienctly plus to maintain their high rate of expenses
Well, bless me......another way of taking money out of your pocket courtesy of local government :pissedoff:

That said I'm not surprised that it has not reared it's ugly head before now. What on second children, window tax reintroduced, square foot of garden tax......... :frustrated:

Will the last sane person to leave UK pease turn the lights off :threaten:

An article on the local news to me a couple of weeks back said the chief of Kent County Council was paid more that the Prime Minister.

We also pay Council Tax to support the pensions of retired workers, who if memory serves still get a final salary scheme.
I was in Ireland when they changed the way rubbish was managed.. each household had a bar code attached to their bins which were weighed every time the bin men came.

You paid a fixed charge for having the bin men come in the first place and then you paid by weight and it weren't a minor sum by any means

Fly tipping rocketed, I was working on a construction site near Dublin, and we built a gravel carpark for the contractors off the main road passing the site. On the Monday morning after we first built it, it was full of rubbish dumped on the weekend.
Fly tipping will return with a vengeance, thats for sure, as will bonfires.

I recycle as much as i can, my local council provide a bin for glass and tin cans , a bin for cardboard and garden waste ( you can't put veg peelings in though...which don't make sense to me ) and a bag for newspapers, mags etc.

I enquired where i could recycle plastic cartons such as shampoo bottles, milk cartons and such like and the lady told me that they don't take them, nor could i find any plastic recycling bins anywhere.

Surely plastic is recycle'able? My bin is full of plastic bottles, cartons etc.

Worse is, the council only empty my bins once every 2 weeks!!!

Old bank statements etc, i burn on a friends wood stove.

The system is grossly unfair because....a person living alone will obviously have a lot less refuse than say a family of four. The singly will pay nothing, the family of four will be penalised.


This will be unfair on everyone, most food you buy comes in packaging so in order to eat you will be screwed financially.

I recycle.

When I started recycling I put a seperate bag full of plastic containers out no one would take it though. A milk carton is probably the most used and thrown away item out there, why would they not recycle them?

We dont pay council tax to pick up our recycleable goods every week, nor to fill the pot holes that are covered in our roads, nor to get the yobs off the street by giving them something productive to do. Nor by doing something with the leisure centre they have poured millions into yet it still has no four walls.

Why do we pay council tax again.
I say we shoudl dump all our refuse in the grounds of Council Offices or better still find out where the money grabbing b*stards live and dump your sh*t in their bins.

Were paying their wages, they can afford the extra weight in their bins.

We need a revolution in this country... seriously!
And another thing while i'm at it....

I remember the days when the bin man came into the garden, heaved the bin onto his shoulders, emptied it and then returned it.

Now we have to place the bin at a designated point and then collect it again afterwards.....If you miss it....tough!

So now we are doing two thirds of the bin mens work....yet paying god knows how much more!!

How does that work then?? :shakefist:
Careful, if you complain too much they'll hire in some management consultants to streamline their inefficient services, and they'll have to increase council tax to pay for it. :frustrated:

If they're going to start charging seperately for collecting refuse, I'd like to see a drop in council tax please.
I heard on Radio 5 this morning someone who had emailed the show claiming that their council tax had risen by 127% in the last 10 years.
And i bet they STILL have to do two thirds of the bin mens job DS.


War Hero
Didn't see a reduction in council tax when they started collecting rubbish every two weeks (50% reduction in service), don't suppose there will be a reduction when they start charging. Foresee plenty of scope for who's on holiday/which quarter is empty etc. Soon it will be lockable bins and deliver yer own to the tip! We're all doomed I tell ye.......................


My council Tax has gone up 15 pound a month. I dont know why, where i live still looks the same, havnt heard of any future revamps either. Have council staff had a rise by any chance.
My Council Tax for this year is about 90 pounds. This is on a 4 bedroom detached house with garage on a quarter acre plot [cheap]. My rubbish gets collected on a Thursday [Bin and 6 large sacks today]. No grafitti, no discernable crime, good neighbours, polite children, very efficient local and county level councils, cheap to eat/drink out, efficient [albeit '50's style] hospital and I pay around 70pence a litre for petrol..............Oh, sorry peeps.......... forgot to say I live in a large village in Western Hungary :brilsmurf: It's like living in '50's Britain but with modern technology thrown in.
If anyone wants any info on life here, pm me.
bossyboots said:

Councils should be able to charge households for how much rubbish they throw away, Sir Michael Lyons' inquiry into local taxation has recommended
So, remind me again what we pay council tax towards?? :pissedoff:
Ah, please explain to young master Atkins in a sandy place why he is paying CILOCT (Charge In Lieu Of Council Tax for those not presently in the green full time). If our touchy-feely PM in waiting wanted to win a few hearts and minds he'd chop the charge levied on service personnel overseas - or ensure the bin men from Catterick set up an overseas det in Basra/Hohne/You choose/.......
bossyboots said:
So, remind me again what we pay council tax towards?? :pissedoff:
If you live in Glasgow, 200 grand your council tax goes on the 'Glasgay multi-arts festival for multi-sexual people'. LINK

If you live in London, it funds Ken's trips to show solidarity with the comrades in Cuba and Venezuela. (It also pays for booze to get Ken pi$$ed enough to dish out anti-semitic abuse to Jewish reporters)

fastmedic said:
What on second children, window tax reintroduced, square foot of garden tax........
The 'garden tax' will be covered by the revaluation of your house for council tax rebanding. VAT and capital gains tax on house sales is reported to be on the cards if Gordon gets really desperate.


Our cardboard and glass get collected on the same day However when I put my botles out in a cardboard box I was told they couldnt be taken because it wasnt in the right bins?????? GO FIGURE
Marker said:
This will be unfair on everyone, most food you buy comes in packaging so in order to eat you will be screwed financially.
The answer to that is simple. Buy your food, remove all extra not needed packaging and leave it in the shop.

If you want to go totally OTT you could take your own containers and leave ALL the packaging in the shop.

If enough people started doing this then the shops would start reducing the amount of crap they wrap the food in.

Try it next time you go shopping it will reduce your rubbish pile by at least 50%.

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