Council tax to soar 300% for homes in nice areas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Iknow its another Council tax story from the Telegraph but...........

  2. A link might be nice ;)
  3. "This is the hallmark of an oppressive and greedy government, finding ever more stealthy ways to tax working families and pensioners and trampling over privacy when it suits them.”
    how true. even now most people struggle for an "average" morgage. and yet if you dont work for a living, the state pays for everything. Labour encourage a society where it is ok not to work, where hard working people have an obligation to pay through the nose for over liberal social policies. any system where they get more money on benefits than go out to work is fundamentally wrong. this policy is just another excuse to wring a few more quid from people who already over subsidise the state whilst the mega rich merely find another loop hole.
  4. Bloody Hell!!!!

    This time the Torygraph doesn't even offer a dodgy email as proof of the existance of policy.

    Computer systems to decide council tax raises - how can anyone believe this after the obvious success this government has had with present IT systems???

    This story (and I consider it a story - a work of fiction) is just a piece of propaganda to try and get conervative voters back onside after Camerons very poor showing in the latest polls
  5. Ok in that case we'll forget the story and stay with Blair/Brown 8O
  6. Have Labour offered a denial yet?

    Latest poll (YouGov) was a 7 point lead, the one before that was a 10 point lead (prominently featured in the Guardian last week as I recall). Cameron leads Brown as favoured PM by 46 to 33. Labour are also losing the arguments on the NHS and crime, and I am not sure they have any substantial lead over the Tories on the economy. In my opinion the Tories would open up an unassailable lead if they revised their Iraq stance.

    Back to the issue at hand - central government has developed a keen interest in using census data and other sources of data for a variety of purposes. Census data is anonymous for data protection reasons although you can identify a postcode sector (a small block of houses). Mapping such information is commonplace within central government and local authorities for devising policies, particularly regarding social exclusion and funding. However, there is very little joined-up thinking between policy areas such as transport, land use planning, health, policing etc.

    The approach described in the Telegraph is being applied in Northern Ireland - perhaps because the government is effectively ruling by decree due to the stalled peace process, and can get away with it. I am sure there is an aspiration to take this further (as described in the Telegraph) but I doubt the system is capable of it. There is gross unfairness in this concept for various reasons detailed at length already but one that has not been highlighted is the fact that home-owners already pay for service improvements when they buy a new house. Contributions are levied on housebuilders by local authorities ("developer contributions") to pay for infrastructure upgrades (roads, schools, water and drainage etc). These contributions do not impact on housebuilder profits and are borne by the purchaser - who pays council tax as well.

    As I have stated earlier in other threads, the council tax system is ludicrous as it taxes an asset which cannot be liquidated and, if the asset was liquidated the tax payable would decrease. Any local taxation system should look at the services consumed, the cost of providing these services, any environmental impact, and any inability to pay - as opposed to ability to pay. Moreover, local taxation should be reduced if there are failings in services. I do not believe the system can cope with any "rebalancing" or whatever it would be called and this would result in uproar.
  8. It's happened -

    my semi in south london £440 in 1997, £2306 now. That's over 500% in 9 years. (we did have a liebour council for 8 of them).
  9. Not so bad where I am £325 in 95' £1435 in 06' only 440% :roll:
  10. Personally I'm all for replacing Council Tax with a flat local income tax.

    Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, the Poll Tax, which had the aim that all are treated equally, assumed we all make equal demands of the Council services, but that ability to pay was based on the size of your house.

    The Government get the slice of my upgrading my personal living circumstances through the Stamp Duty.

    That's the price you pay for moving to a nicer area, or a better house.

    Unless of course Stamp Duty became a locally raised tax?
  11. Arggghhh, no no - I was mistaken, the computer systems are great, the crap journos aren't crap and got the story right - now will You vote in a Lib Dem??

  12. Not quite as bad as Westminster - £0 poll tax in 1991???? (as proclaimed by Dame??? Shirley Porter) and now .........
  13. Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives are all the same. Seems to me if you are a decent law abiding citizen who is trying to better oneself and ones neighbourhood you will be penalised.

    The questions that need to be asked is where is all the money going in the first place.

    Expensive non jobs for party members is where. They are using our money to impose their warped idealogy on our society.
  14. Well naturally if this is true we should see a massive reduction in CILOCT as quarters patches are rarely in the nicest areas. :wink