Council Tax rip off!!inflation busting rises for all!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by commander-adama, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Yet again,we're being totally ripped off by our corrupt soviets which masquerade as local Councils.All rises will be above inflation.No doubt to pay for Gold plated pensions,expenses for the delegates to the local Soviet councils,spending on "ethnic monority"projects and for what!!!
    Once a fortnight bin collections,terrible Policing.
    I can't take any more,Cyprus here i come,hopefully sooner rather than later!!!!
  2. last one out, please turn the lights off, its bad for the environment to leave them on apparently.
  3. Not if we use these super duper energy saving lightbulbs that will soon be compulsory thanks to the EU!!!!
  4. There is one Labour council giving laptops to "travellers" kids, as they keep getting barred from schools. Now they can study online.

    So you see they just have to keep increasing the bills to pay for it.

    Edited - they are doing this in Scotland too :
  5. I'm not sure many rises are actually all that inflation busting. This is where HM Govt's way of manipulating the inflation rate has come back to haunt them. The Retail Price Index is a rather selective way of coming to an inflation rate as it excludes mortgage rates (as far as I recall). Currently the RPI stands at 2.7%, but if you add on mortgages and the other bits the RPI misses out the true figure is something just over 4%.

    With that in mind, an average 4.2% rise is more or less the same is the TRUE rate of inflation rather than the media-friendly version used by Downing Street!