Council Tax Refund...or not

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Old_Sparky_RE, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. I returned from the sandpit at the start of April having been there since the end of September.
    A week or two prior to leaving I enquired about the Council Tax Refund (up to 140pounds) which I was told I’d receive with my OP allowance.
    I asked if there would be any delay or hurdles as I’m on the Over 37 package and have my own home, I was told no.
    A few days before leaving I was told I had to contact my local council, which I did over POTL, they said FA to do with them…. talk to the army.
    On return to work I spoke to the Sqn pay clerk who said they would look into it. The answer was….. talk to your local council!!!
    I read and printed off the DIN and the BIN (which says it’s an army thing) and gave that to the clerk 2 weeks ago, only on Friday to be rodded off with ….talk to your local council!!
    I can’t be the only person to be effected by this?

    Could someone please get me chapter and verse on this as I would like the money in my account by summer leave?
  2. In order to claim you need a letter from your local council stating that they have not given you a refund for the time you have been away, once you have that your HR Admin staff should action the refund through your pay.

  3. Hang on, does this not get paid in conjunction with your Op Allowance (automated), I am sure that is what the new BPG states, I will double check, however, I have looked at this a few times already.
  4. It does get paid in conjunction with Op allowance - if entitled - not all are entitled! - Still requires some intervention from HR Admin
  5. PW, Thanks for that, can you tell me the criteria for the non immediate eligiability.

    Thanks in advance

  6. PW, found as follows, thank you anyway:

    Those serving in specified operational locations (SOL) that do not attract the Operational Allowance and whose Residence at Place of Work is SFA. The earliest date that payment for this group can be applied is 1 Feb 08.
    Those personnel who occupy private accommodation serving in specified operational areas whether in receipt of Operational Allowance or not.


  7. ive just been told im not eligible for this by my RAO, i have my own house that no one lives in and i pay 75% as a single occupant, even though i live in germany in SLA and pay CILOCT and i have been in the sandpit for the last seven months. They say the reason im not entiled is because i have not seen a change in circumstances any body got any ideas or was the announcement of this just a big white elephant, £800 quid is a lot of money a year to empty my bins for the few days im home, when any one sent to prison gets it paid for them.