Does anyone have any understanding about the new council tax rebate of £140. When will it come into force? Is it paid for being away for the whole 6 months? Who is entitled?

You must live in a quarter and pay CILOCT, your own / rented place and pay council tax. It comes into effect on 01 Apr 08 and is valid for claims from 01 Oct 07.

It can be broken down into a pro rata rate if you don't do the full 6 months (same for Op Allowance).

This will all become clear when the regulations for the allowance are realeased nearer April.

At least that is my understanding of it all (lucky me for deploying on 01 Oct 07 :eek: ).

If you live in the block you can't claim it as your don't pay CILCOT as it is tied into your accommodation charges, which should be stopped when you deploy
Thanks for your help, lucky me as well deployed oct and december so i will be able to back date the claim. Sit tight and wait for it, it seems strange to announce it a while back and it doesnt come into force until April 08.

Thanks for the update
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