Council Tax Rebate

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. To quote

    "The soldiers will receive the rebate via their tax-free Operational Allowance paid at the end of an operational tour, with the first payments to be made from 1 April, 2008."

    So I dont see why the TA should not get this. I wonder if the actual sum of money will go up, or wether the spin doctors will say its part of the £2,600 we already recieve?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    From the MOD Press Release:

    "Armed Forces personnel deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan will benefit from a tax-free rebate on the cost of council tax in new measures announced by Defence Secretary Des Browne today.

    All troops who pay council tax for a property in the UK will receive financial support through a flat-rate rebate payment over a six month tour of £140 - worth 25 per cent of the average Band D Council tax bill. The rebate will be added to the tax-free Operational Allowance paid at the end of an operational tour in Afghanistan or Iraq. The new measures will be introduced from October and first payments will be made from 1 April 2008.

    The £140 Council Tax rebate for a six month tour will only be available to troops who pay Council Tax for a property in the UK. Those living in Single Living Accommodation do not pay any accommodation charges, including Council Tax while deployed on operations."

    So, for the TA, as everyone pays (should pay....) Council Tax, it's a good result.
  3. So basically it's an indiscriminate (assumes a level of payment across the board) bung.

    hey ho.
  4. when i deployed on telic3 i payed no council tax at all my girlfriend was at uni at the time and we qualified for zero council tax if she had been working we would have had a reduction of 25%
    do you mean will the TA get this if they deploy on ops to iraq/stan then yes as when you are mobilised you sign out of the reserves into the regular army/navy/airforce
  5. Stevo,

    Not sure you're correct here regarding the 25% reduction. I tried this in 2003 and was told that I was still classed as a permanent resident, and that time spent away a sandy place was just counted as working away from home. :x

    Would have been interesting (though not for me ) if I'd "bought my ticket". Would Mrs FL been able to get a reduction from the time I'd left home, or from the fateful hour :?
  6. If you own your own home and are the sole resident, then you can claim 25% off your Council tax as a single occupant.
  7. I think the point is that it's not a reduction in council tax which would be made by the local council but a rebate paid out by MoD. If this is the case it doesn't matter what your local council's view is on your position you will get the rebate. Don't spent it all at once.
  8. Am I digging too deep or is it just TA and UK homeowners who benefit?

    I pay Cash In Lieu Of Council Tax! What about those deployed with Qtrs in Germany?

    Yes I am a bit of a Cynic! :?
  9. Liam Fox: Gordon Brown’s latest defence con trick exposed:

    Conservatives today exposed Gordon Brown’s latest defence con trick. As with his Operational Allowance a year ago, the small print reveals a different picture:

    Fiddled figures mean less cash for troops. Today’s MoD press release boasts a 25 per cent rebate based upon ‘the average Band D Council tax bill’. But the small print shows that they’ve not actually used the Band D figure to calculate the rebate. Instead, they’ve used the figure for average council tax. This means, troops living in Band D accommodation, such as families, are getting £25 less than they should (£140 rather than £165).
    No new cash. There is no new funding for today’s announcement – cash will be reallocated from the existing MoD budget.

    Rebate ‘less than prisoners’. Prisoners pay no council tax at all in the UK – but if you serve in Iraq or Afghanistan for six months, today’s announcement means personnel will get just £140 off. This means that over the course of a year, troops are still £1,181 worse off than a prisoner (based on Band D).

    Commenting Shadow Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said:

    “Gordon Brown loves to grab a good headline and pretend he’s backing our troops. But as ever, when you look at the small print, you discover it’s another con trick.

    “This will squeeze the frontline budget as there is no new money. The discriminatory nature of this discount will fuel divisions within the Armed Forces as it only applies to those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “The fact that prisoners pay no council tax, while our boys on the frontline do, shows how low a priority the Armed Forces are under Gordon Brown