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Council tax rebate

Hi, Ive been on tour in the last tax year and wondered if anyone tell me if Im entitled to a rebate. If so how do I go about getting it.
Thanks in advance.
My Local Council suggested that it was part of the tax free bonus or one of the allowances-she said there wasn't a specific claim form-he old man had been on tour recently so she reconned she knew the bobby
You need to take your Council Tax bill for the period you were away into your HR Admin office.

You then need to make a small statement stating that you have not had any type of rebate with regards to the specific dates you were away.

Then it is easy enough to enter onto JPA. As long as you satisfy the qualification rules.....
If you were entitled, and recieved, Op Allowance and you live in Service Accom this will have already been paid with Op Allowance, if you were in a non qualifying for Op Allowance area or you live in Private accom as above.

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