Council Tax rebate

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. I am deploying in a few weeks time and will be away for 9-11 months. However I am not going to Herrick or Telic, so I dont qualify for that operational bonus. However I have heard & read that you can apply for a rebate via the council.

    I have searched the forums and didnt find anything too useful, and I have just got off the phone with the council and they say that I dont qualify (strangely visiting members of foreign militaries do though). One of the things they asked me was whether I pay CT anywhere else, which I dont currently, but I suppose I will when I mobilise and start paying CILOCT.

    Does anyone have any advice in this regard? Perhaps you have recently mobilised and went through this whole thing too. Bottom line though - I dont think I should be paying for "services" when I am not there to utilise them.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    So which member of staff should be put on half time whilst you are away then?

  3. All of them as far as I am concerned.
    Jesting aside, he has a point in that he is not using any council services (other than the Police element of the tax possibly) so why shouldn't there be a big reduction in cost?
  4. You've got a good point but the council see it as, if your belongings are still there and the house isn't empty and you call it home and you're not accounted for in anyone elses household then you pay up. Although, I'm just going through the process to get a discount as I'm now living alone and there is a box for working away from home... would this not apply?
  5. Where are you going? Most tours get the operational allowance, Iraq, Afghan and the Balkans qualify, there are others best left off an open forum too...Unless you are off with 49 Para, if so your spec pay covers it anyway :wink:
  6. I was under the impression that only Telic and Herrick get it. Although I wasnt too upset about not getting it, as the allowance is like £140. However, if I was to get 25% off my CT by applying to the council, I would save a lot more as my CT is £2200 (city centre flat so quite steep).

    Someone must have an idea of what government form to submit to request a reduction, I am so done talking to call centre bods who dont care.

  7. Troops deploying to the Balkans haven't been awarded Operational allowance for over a year now and it actually amounts to more than £2000 per tour at £12.75 a day.

    I refer you to the MOD

    As for your council tax, this is strictly between you and your local council. Different councils have different attitudes to this and it's down to you to battle it out with them for a rebate when you get back. Reference CILOCT, why do assume you will pay this? Are you being given SLAM/MQ in the mainland UK or will you be in transit until you deploy to theatre?

    When you say that you will be deploying in a few weeks, have you actually been mobilised yet? All this should have been explained to you at RTMC. If you haven't yet been through Chilwell you will have an opportunity to square away all your financial concerns with people who have all the answers whilst you are there.