Has anybody got any info on council tax rebates for the period of time whilst serving on an Op tour. I heard an initial message about being able to claim up to £140?? back. I have asked the AGC det in my Regt and they know nothing about the detail or how to claim. :roll:
I always seem to miss out on these additional payments. First the bounty, now the rebate for council tax.

Fcuking marvelous!!!!
If it was'nt for the press reports nobody would have known about this, its another example of the army trying to save money by not telling people what they are entitled to and telling people its their own fault for not looking it up
If you dont know it exists how are you supposed to look it up???? :?
Don't worry when the CoC actually tells us; how this is going to work, who qualifies and what proof they need, then you will get your money.
Ive enquired about it and been told I will get it when I return in one lump sum in July at the end of tour back dated to 1st February. As it wouldnt be due until the end of April pay packet any way for those returning off a tour this month or February (still would be back dated to 1st Feb aswell as you dont get it for anything you did before then). Hopefully by July it will all be sorted and the initial gliches ironed out :lol:
Do we also get a CILOCT rebate?
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