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Can any SPS people refer me to any documentation or provide any advice concerning the payment of council tax on a UK property whilst the soldier is serving in Germany? When posted to Germany a short while back, I kept my house here in the UK. I was informed before my departure by the local council that I would still have to pay council tax on my UK property, but that the required amount would only be 50% of the original amount paid, when I was resident at that address. The house was not rented and stood emtpy for the duration of my posting.

I am now back in the UK and my local council have now said that the information they gave me was wrong and that I must now meet the outstanding 50% for the duration of my posting. Do I have any redress here or are Richmondshire District Council in North Yorkshire just a bunch of c*nts and I have to live with it?
From their website:

A Council Tax bill is calculated as if two or more adults are resident in the property. If, however, only one adult (a person over the age of eighteen) occupies your property, then you will be entitled to a 25% single person discount. Please note that married couples/partners are deemed to live in the same property, even when one of them is temporarily absent due to work commitments.

Council Tax Discounts

Council Tax has always been a local authority issue, there are no military regulations governing its application. Sorry Biscuits, but it looks like they are indeed a bunch of cnuts.


Thank you chaps. Just as well I haven't blown the gratuity on drugs, booze, loose wimmin and fast cars.

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