Council Tax Question...

Right, I live in the land of ever-decreasing LOA and as such am constantly looking for ways to save dosh and increase my disposable income.....

So,a few years ago I bought my own house back in Scotland. This leads me on to a few questions about finances now that I'm on (the bottom rung of) the property ladder.

My house is furnished etc as we use it when we go home. To that end I get 10% off my council tax; but is it still the case that those posted in UK pay either council tax for their property or CILOCT for their quarter but not both? I was led to believe that this was because there was no agreement between the UK and Germany for the cessation of CILCOT payments in cases such as mine.

Also in UK I believe I would qualify for some sort of Get You Home package to ease the costs of travelling for the purpose of checking my furnished property;if in Germany this is not available.

Ive tried checking AFF on-line etc but its a bit vague,and I'm not too hot on trawling the net.

Bottom line is these LOA cuts are not helping and a posting back to UK might actually help me (a lot) financially.
It’s been a few years but IIRC:

You can only start to claim allowances in reference to a property once you have posted after owning a house. So they will take effect on your next posting.

Even if you pay CILCOT you still pay Council Tax on your “second property”. If the property is unfurnished you are entitled to a 50% discount. We kept our house unfurnished for this reason and just slept on air beds when we stopped over. I believe that there are lesser discounts available.

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