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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ACAB, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Gents,
    A number of my colleagues have had their council tax reduced by a third as they are classed as 'non resident status' within the UK. My local council however, has decided that as I am still married and resident in the family home (when I am here) that I am not.
    Anyone out there who has been succesful and can give me 'Act and Section' so that I can remedy this?.
  2. The AFF have done a good deal of work on this - give their HQ a call.
  3. If you have a quarter in the UK (if you are posted abroad you anit entitled) and pay CICLOT you are entitled by a Statutory Instrument in England and Scotland to a 50% reduction in Council Tax on a property you own (but do not rent). Wales however do not recognise this and I was interested to find anyone else with a similar problem.
  4. Yep we have a similar problem, we live in married quarters but own a house in Wales, we pay cilcot here £92 per month and after 6 months exemption of council tax on our home in Wales the council there now say we have to pay the full amount there too... Can't 4 the life of me understand this when we are obviously not using any of the facilities in Wales, so they want us to pay for something we are not using !!
    Seems to me that if you work hard you get naff all....BUT if you don't work and claim benefits you get council tax paid for you AND if you commit a crime and go to prison you don't have to pay your council tax crap is that !