Council Tax pensioner jailed for refusing to pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. She has a point but she's not going to be able to press it home whilst locked up. I reckon she'll be out within 24 hours; she, or someone else will pay the sum due.
  2. Send in the bailiffs - why should the rest of us sub her 6 week lie in on a 3 month stretch!
  3. Fcuking b*ollocks you cant chose not to pay something just because you cant get your own way. People whinge about the country being in sh1t state as it is without every cnut throwing a strop and trying it on.

    Oh theres a pot hole in the road i'm not paying my car tax.

    i dont have accidents in my motor - i'm not getting insured.

    the list is endless. none of use enjoys paying taxes but like death and nurses its the only sure thing in life.

    B1tch lips needs to get her hand in her pocket and pay up, just like everyone else.
  4. The Council will have tried to; but, she'd have to let them in and let them take a list of her goodies. If you don't let them in, they are not going to take possession.
  5. I thought being in debt was no longer an offence punishable by prison?

    Shit, just woke up and realised we're in Tony's Britain.

    Fail to pay Council Tax = Prison, locked up and throw away the key
    Murder/Rape a child = A stern telling off and and no Ice cream!
    Hijack an Airliner = Free housing, dole money and getting exactly want you wanted from the hijack!
  6. Too right, now get this flight deck door open and fly me to Heathrow. :p
  7. Soz, but they CAN force entry...
  8. Not unless they have walking possession; in other words it's a second visit after they've listed your goods.
  9. Anyone who wilfully and deliberately breaks the law out of conscience knowing that they will be sent to prison as a result of it has my respect.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of her case, civil disobedience takes a lot of guts.
  10. True, but they force entry to make the list then come back (well, that's the process they show on the beebs Spendaholics anyway).

  11. Well put Baldrick66.

    Those of you bleeting about her to pay up etc. etc. should think of this: We all moan about taxes and lack of value for money in every aspect of our lives in Britain. But no one actually does anything more than whine and whine some more. If we we're all to pay up and shut up like you lot then nothing would improve. So this woman is a hero in my eyes. She is making a statement at a great deal of cost and hardship to herself.

    Don't be blinkered and naive. The Government wants you, me and every citizen to play by the rules. We are not untouchable, we have young families to support therefore cannot make a stance like her, we cannot afford to go to jail. Hell, the MOD alone would be on your back in a jiffy if you so much as whispered dissaproval. This woman is at a stage in her life when they can take very little away from her. What's she got to lose? If our council taxes were reduced as a result of people like her you'd be patting her on the back then.

    Government is a conspiracy.
  12. If she had gone into court saying she was a single mother with a methadone habit would she have been sent to jail? I think not, all they have done by jailing her is give her the publicity she craves and possible encouraged others to follow suite. She sounds like a whinging pinko leftie to me, but she gets my respect because she has stood up to the another bunch of whinging pinko lefties, those in her local council offices, they have had many legitimate complaints and clearly failed to deal with them!
  13. And WE are paying for her to make her protest! She want's to make a protest, cool, go to court, get the record, have a fine, and have your goods taken to cover it! Better still, form a political party, get it on a national footing, win an election and repeal the fcuking law AT NO EXTRA COST TO THE TAX PAYER! Personally, when I'm her age I'll do the same, but only coz they can't take my cash or goods and I'm a tight git who could do with a 6 week lie in and some reading time!
  14. She'll be out of prison like a rat up a pipe; even with the reading matter she took in with her.