Council Tax Issue

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by sweet_cheek, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. To all smart, educated and inteligent Arrsers out there - I need a bit of advice.

    I have moved to a new place few months ago and have recently discovered that previous tenants didnt settle their council tax bill. I went to the council tax office to explain the situation and I was told that the matter will be investigated. My contract clearly states the date when I have moved so its obvious that I wasnt even living in the house during a period when the council tax hasnt been paid. I just wonder if I can be liable for the outstanding payment, can it just be pass to new tenants?????? :?


  2. No
  3. IANAL, but if the council think they can hold you liable for somebody else's tax liability, then they are more vastly mistaken than someone who thinks that Ivor Novello is still alive.

    Aside: I was once threatened by a clueless dork from Sevenoaks council who thought that I should still pay council tax in Sevenoaks despite having moved out some months previously. Their argument that I had not informed them of my change of address was, I felt, somewhat undermined by their ability to address threatening letters accurately to my new address.

    All the best,

  4. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they tried in on. Don't forget, when this tax was first imposed by Moggie Dodger and loadsa folks refused to pay it, she simply ordered those who'd already paid to pay again.

  5. Gren is correct: no!


  6. Surely you mean

    "When the Poll tax was first imposed by Henry the VIII"

    Why does everyone blame everything on Maggie?
  7. I saw her on the grassy knoll and she invented poisonous snakes and killer bees.
  8. Well, Im really not to sure about it. Before I left the council tax office I was advised to stick with the payments dates...'just in case' thay said. A few days ago I was sent a reminder for an outstanding payment and a warning that there will be a fine if we (present tenants) wont pay in time. They even didnt hold the payments for the time when the matter is being investigated.

    We also had a solicitor coming to see who lives in the house and to my astonishment he said that the outstanding payments may be passed to new tenants. The reason for that is that the house council tax account is still the same as it was with previous tenants and we cant close it as its not settled.
  9. Never heard of that occurring before!
  10. I moved into a place and went down to register as I had lots of letters from them marked the occupier. They just got me to fill in a form with when I moved in and thats when I paid tax from. Remember to tell them its single occupancy even if its not (you used to get 25% knocked off for that).
  11. You are not liable for the previous occupants council tax, you are only responsible from the day you moved in.
  12. I was given that form as well but they still didnt change the names on the bill and it was over a month ago. I cant say to them that is a single occupancy as we had a solicitor in and he knows its more that 1 living in the house.
  13. You are not liable for the previous occupants council tax, you are only responsible from the day you moved in.

    If you are worried go and see Citizens Advice, they will tell you the same.
  14. Even if I was there is no way that im gonna pay someone else bill from my hard earned money. I would rather leave the place and live in a carbon box outside a station

    I will be in the council tax office tommorow to sort out the issue and depending on what they say Im might then pop in to a Citizens Advice.
  15. See? That's what I said about them trying it on anyway. That Moggie Dodger's got a lot to answer for. Did you know she started the Fers Were Wore? And the Sekn Were Wore. And I think she had a lot to do with the Bore Wore too, the gibbering, whiskey-sodden lush.