council tax disgrace for pensioners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, May 18, 2006.

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  1. talk about over kill, just seen an article on a 74 yo man sent down fro being unable to pay for council tax.

    most of them are a bit senile and muddled, to jail them is NOT in the public interest.
    the councils use a cop out , which inidcates cowardance "And he said the council's duty was to take recovery action in the interests of the community, while the issue of sentencing at this final stage had been a matter for the magistrates. "

    quite saddening , you spend you rlife doing what you can, looking forward toa peaceful retirement , only to find you are struggling to pay above inflation increases that far outstrips you pension
  2. Council tax is a disgrace, FULL STOP !!
  3. Debtors prisons were abandoned some years back, yet the goverment allows our elderly to be imprisoned for what essentially is a debt!!..Its a bloody outrage.
  4. Why?
  5. It seems bizarre and utterly unfair that elderly people who are unable to pay Council Tax should be jailed whilst oxygen thieves up before the beak for vandalism, car theft and other crimes are given community service, which they regularly fail to attend. Not to mention the cost of keeping pensioners in prison, which far outweighs the amount they owe - completely absurd. Then there's the waste of police resources, that could be better utilised finding all the illegal immigrants and criminals who should be deported, dealing with crime or even patrolling their beats - for all of which they are paid for out of council tax.

    They'll be fining people for not having a TV licence next!
  6. If these OAP's can't pay the tax on a state pension then what in the name of God are they to do? :?

    Now the taxpayer has to foot the bill for the time that they are in prison and they are exempt council tax while detained there. Stupid at the very least and totally incompetent at worst. Local government needs to undergo a radical re-think of this particular situation. :x

    Jailing OAP's doesn't look good in the media and will be remembered for some time to come.

  7. Personally I think all OAPs on a state pension should refuse to pay any percentage of the Poll Tax that is above the rate of increase to their pension.

    Anyone jailed for not paying is considered to have paid after the jail sentence, police/court/jail etc costs will skyrocket and then the local government will have a real problem.

    Can you imagine the PR disaster a couple of thousand OAPs up in front of the beak would be, plus of course the Council Tax would have to rise to pay for it all, the OAPs refuse to pay and round we go again.

    Problem is that most OAPs are law abiding honourable people so this will never happen.

  8. I'm not normally in favour of mass civil disobedience, however Steven has a point.

    If you don't get paid the absurd increase in the poll tax, as a pensioner how are you supposed to make up the difference. Will we see 87 year old shelf packers in Tesco's and Morrisons? Just to make up a few pounds to pay local government........Shame on them :x

  9. There's another point the Councils don't think about.....The debt the OAP has been jailed for has now been wiped off. You can't punish someone twice for a civil offence by jailing them and than sending the Baliffs(?) in. So, not only has the Council spent money to nick an OAP it's lost the money it was trying to get and cost more money for putting the OAP in jail....

    Cleaver or what...
  10. That is the problem: it isn't the Poll Tax. Maggie brought in the 'Community Charge' to make local taxes reflect a persons income, and not the value of property. Thus an OAP would not have faced rising local taxes every year because their income level would be static.

    Commies, socialists and other scum believe that the tax should be tied to property values, and if an old duffer can no longer afford the rising costs, then he should sell the family home and move to a pykie camp instead. These are the same people who love inheritance tax (a tax on all things purschased with already taxed income). As I said; scum.

    The latest revaluation was delayed by Liarbour as they reaslised that they would be given an even bigger kicking by the electorate in the local elections if the 'Grey Vote' were told 3 weeks before the polls that as their property had increased in value, they would have to pay up to 50% more tax (that or sell up and move to shite-hole).
  11. My appa logies Dread :) The use of the phrase Poll tax was just laziness on my part.
  12. Was she unable or unwilling to pay? Those on low income qualify for council tax benefit.
  13. I fear that even selling up and moving to a smaller home may not be enough. The Council Tax for my house, which has one bedroom, is in the lowest band; after deduction of the 25% discount for single occupancy, I pay just under £900 (even though I am hardly ever there).
  14. No worries, I needed a rant anyway!
  15. It is quite interesting during the Community Charge/Poll tax/Dog's breakfast tax that the number of voters reduced because people kept themselves off the voters list to avoid paying.

    If the Community charge had been a straight forward levy across the country then I think it would have been more acceptable. However, each council upped the amounts because of their spending requirements and the thing became unworkable. Plus most councils didn't chase debtors.

    The current system which was designed to replace the CC charge and the rates is based on 1991 property values. However, Central Gov has been reducing the allocation of income to Local Gov while at the same time increasing the responsibilities of local councils to include 5 meal a day advisors, diversity people, outreach workers etc. When challenged over rises they reply by cutting REAL services such as care homes, meals on wheels etc to quiet the dissenters and keep them paying up.

    It is interesting to see the OAPs jailed, but not the debtors from sink hole estates who haven't paid and never will. As someone pointed out, they target homeowners as they know they have a commercial asset - their house! :cry: