Council Tax discount for forces

hi all,

if posible can any one clear up something for me i have been told members of the armed forces are entitled to a 50 % reduction
on council tax if you live in forces accom and no one lives in your property is this true if so where can i get proof to show my
local council ???

i have looked on here but it always seems to divert else where many thanks in advance
Im TA and when i deployed (4 years ago) i got a 50% discount for the period of my tour. I didnt need to show them any proof, they just took my word for it! I also believe that if the house is empty ie no people and no furniture you dont have to pay any council tax!

this is the problem one of my mates has got the 50 % reduction same council and when i asked about it they said if i can show them this written down they will honnour it but they wont discuss other clients discounts .
As said above if differs from council to council.

I asked about a discount from Nottingham City Council only to be told they used to offer a 20% discount but they withdrew the offer 18 months ago


Benefits and concessions for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families

As said above already: Rebate is discretionary, a decision is made by each council as to whether they grant it or not. So not national policy and fast becoming a myth. In cases of war pensioners receiving CT discounts, some have had decisions overturned by chods at the Town Hall and have had to pay it all back !

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Some have received this: ""for our purposes: X (serving in qualifying theatre) is deemed temporarily adsent and this is still his/her "sole or main residence" to which they will return when the deployment abroad ends. As such, there is no provision within the legislation to apply any discount while someone is temporarily absent abroad for work or other reasons ."

Last time I looked, even scrotes on remand got discount.

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