Council Tax Bills delayed until After the Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. The Council that is responsible for my area ( Liberal Democrat) looks like it is delaying the issue of our Council Tax bills until AFTER the election. last year mine was issued in mid May, this year nothing so far.

    Absolutely dishonest. And they wonder why we can not be bothered to vote. We are being asked to buy something, without knowing the price.

    Anyone else experiencing this tactic? ANy other Lib Dem councils doing this??

    Any Arrse watching journalists prepared to take this one up ????
  2. Whenever it comes out you can be assured of one thing , you will pay more and get less , until this government stops telling us it's spending more on public services when all it's really doing is creating jobs for guardian reading ,sandal wearing , pipe smoking , cardigan wearing , tree hugging f**kwits , still getting back on topic no our bills haven't come out , but the council has warned us,like a car mechanic with a roll up hanging out of his gob " oooooh ...... it's gonna cost ya !!" :?
  3. they are too scared to tell you as you'd vote the bast'ards out in the election.

    Lets have a revolution and shoot only the politicians :twisted:
  4. i'd make up some molotov cocktails , but i can't afford any f**king petrol!!