Council tax bills cover-up exposed

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This really is gripping my sh1t. Have the government got a copy of the the Sheriff of Nottingham's 'Guide to Plundering the Hard Earned Cash of the People'? They say the prisons are full, and that closet Islamist, Jack Straw, has urged magistrates to not jail offenders, and yet they'll lock up pensioners, or repossess their houses, for non-payment of Council Tax.

I visited my 92 year old grandparents in Newcastle recently. I was shocked that, in the middle of a cold snap, their house was freezing and they were forced to wear hats, scarves, gloves and winter coats. I asked them why they didn't have the heating on and, after much hesitation (they're proud, you see), they showed me a bill for £1200 Council Tax, which they were having trouble paying. Down the street from them there was a house with a dozen or so Lithuanians living there -- and they were paying the same amount of tax as my grandparents. How can this be right? My grandfather fought bravely in WWII and spent a couple of years after the war recovering from shell shock. What have the new, young arrivals done for our country that can compete with that? (I'm not attacking the Lithuanians for being here, and it's not their fault the system is as it is.)

This fcuking nefarious, sorry and pathetic excuse for government. I now know why the law is on the side of the criminal. It's because the government are, by default criminals themselves. They are thieves and fraudsters and war criminals.

I'd urge everyone to descend on Parliament to remove these lickspittles, but, as the most we could get our hands on are paintball guns, I don't think it a good idea.

:x rant over.
Maggie thought the same and tried to bring in the poll tax - and we know what happened there.

Everyone agrees that its wrong that your grandparents are struggling whilst there is a house jam packed up the road paying the same, but the only people who can make a change are politicians and none of them are going to commit political suicide by proposing an alternative to council tax.

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