council tax are we entitled to any discount

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by gunit, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. being in the army and paying cilot do we have to pay the full amount of council tax on
    our house away from the army. two people have told me we only pay 50% but im paying
    100% can anyone help me out
  2. Where is your home? If its your own house then you are liable for paying the council tax on it.

    50% of a council tax bill is on the property itself. Add another 25% to that for the first adult occupier then 25% for another.

    If you empty it of all its furniture and living accroutements you can get a complete exemption but I believe that this is only for a period of time, its not indefinate.
  3. its in middlesbrough already had 6 months free but people at work keep saying all they pay is 50 %
    any ideas i currently get 10% off for a sole occupier
  4. It should be 25% reduction for sole occupancy.
  5. you dont have to pay for 6 months if you have bought the house and you live away, if you rent it out though the new occupants pay the council tax (and your mortgage) whilst topping up your bank account!
    pm me if you need any other info, ive got houses in teesside too