Council tax and tour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, May 18, 2011.

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  1. I’m about to go out on tour and am in the process of sorting my life out.
    My local council informs me that I still pay council tax while I’m away but I can claim for a rebate when I return. The woman I was talking to said this was done through the army and that she didn’t know much about this.

    Can anyone explain the process please.
    Is this done through Chilwell when I de-mob?

    I’m at home right now so can’t speak to anyone I the know.

  2. I can only speak from personal experience but the Army will tell you to try and get the rebate from your local authority, in the majority of cases they will say it is down to the Army, you then need to get a letter or e-mail from the local authority stating they have not paid you. At demob present this letter along with your last council tax bill and J1 will arrange payment along with your Op tour bonus. I'm prepared to be corrected by SMAs but as I said this is how it went for me on my last two de-mobs.

    Good luck on the tour.
  3. the quoted is quite right. I have just had mine through. I had an email from my council stating that they wouldn't rebate me. TA Admin clerk put it through, doesn't have to be done at Chilwell.
  4. Agreed. As at last Feb, Chilwell don't do it, its for your unit's SPS staff to claim it back for you. You need your council tax bill for the period and the letter from the council saying that you still need to pay whilst away. Your RAO should be able to do the rest. You get a pro-rata rebate for the time spent out of the country rather than for your complete period of mobilisation.