Council Tax and PTSD


If you have had a 'MD' from the armed forces with PTSD, you can get a 100% exemption with your local Council on your council Tax. You need to get the form 'Application for disregard as severely mentally impaired' it will tell you to get the your GP to sign it, & you need to be on any of the following benefits:

1. Incapacity Benefit under section 30 of the Social Security & Contributions Act 1992.

2. Attendance Allowance.

3. Severe Disablement Allowance.

4. Care Component of a Disability Living Allowance paid at the middle or higher rate.

5. Increase in the rate of disablement pension.

6. Disability Working Allowance.

7. Unemployability supplement under Part 1 of Schedule 7 Social Security & Contributions Act 1992.

8. Constant attendance allowance under article 14 of the Personal Injuries (Civilians) Scheme 1983 or article 14, Naval, Military & Air Force etc. Services Pensions order 1983.

9. An Unemployability supplement under article 18 of either of the above two provisions.

10. Income Support including a disability premium.

11. Incapacity Benefit under Sections 40 & 41 of the Social Security and Contributions Act 1992.

Remember if your PTSD was Attributable to your service, and you are not working at the moment, you can get this benefit.
Nice one.

Hopefully this will go some way to helping people out.

Do you have any links to this information as i assume that there will be other benifits available for people who fall into the category of severely mentally impaired due to PTSD.
I was MD'd with PtSd and other physical injuries but the primary condition was the Ptsd. I have tried last year to get this relief but my Doc who is normally on my side wouldnt sign it as he says that i am not severely mentally imoaired.

He states that a severely mentally impaired is something like a downs syndrome patient. So is there any where i can access this information to show him. Thanks

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