Council Spending: "Relations or Twinning"



Not sure if this is already on these boards, if so, apologies.

Just watching TV here, and Leicestershire County Council for instance, have spent "£131,000" on cultural jollies abroad (Japan for instance) and twinning.

Derby in comparison, says it's spent "nothing", no need or point, they say.

Can anyone beat Leicester for this?
One of the first [if not the first], in the '50's was Portsmouth with Duisburg . to heal the wounds
of war and all that old bollux. Hate to think of all the junkets over the 50 years the ratepayers
have forked out for.


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Marlborough is twinned with some place called Gunjur, in The Gambia. Apart from being a mosquito infested holiday destination, I can't really see why such an affluent town as Marlborough would be interested in a shit-pit town in a shit-pit country.


"Coventry, United Kingdom was the first ever city to "twin" with another city, twinning with Stalingrad in the Soviet Union and hence began the modern practice of twinning".

Obviously brutal battles recorded in Coventry.

Am I right in thinking most, or a hell of a lot of UK places, are twinned with France or Germany?
My local authority is twinned with two other places, one in France and one in Germany. I don't know off the top of my head how much is spent but it's a minimal amount if anything. Any trips to either of the French or German twins are funded by the individuals themselves. They pay for their own traveling and are usually put up by somebody in their house at the other end. Likewise when the French or Germans come over here. They are usually given rooms by one of those involved in the twinning organisation.
Runnymede Borough, where I live, is twinned with Bergisch Gladbach, situated 10 miles east of Cologne; Herndon, Virginia, about 20 miles west of Washington, D.C.; and Joinville-le-Pont, located to the east of Paris. In the six years that I have lived at H_M Towers, I cannot honestly remember the local council doing anything much about twinning, but then I cannot honestly remember them doing anything much about anything.