Council refuses to support Berwick Remembrance Parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldmuso, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Story from this week's Berwick Advertiser. I've been at this parade a few times and it is superbly run and very well attended. What makes it worse is this is an old garrison town and The Kings Own Scottish Borderers Regimental Museum is still in the old barracks :x

    Fury as Northumberland County Council refuses to support Berwick Remembrance Day

    FURIOUS town councillors have launched a broadside against the new unitary county authority over its refusal to support Remembrance Day events in Berwick.

    Prior to its demise, Berwick Borough Council had taken responsibility as the town has no Royal British Legion.

    Town clerk, Sue Finch, said she had received a letter from Northumberland County Council confirming that the new authority was not prepared to take on any role in Remembrance Day events.

    Ms Finch told members of Berwick Town Council's events committee she was 'surprised' by the county's decision.

    "We were given a commitment that everything carried out by the borough council would be continued for this year by the county council."

    She said the town council simply did not have the staff resources available to help organise Remembrance events in Berwick which were much bigger than those staged by other parishes.

    Coun Hazel Bettison, chairman of the events committee, described the county council's decision as 'absolutely disgraceful.'

    She added: "These people have gone out and fought for their country and this is how we honour them – that's deplorable."

    Coun Jim Smith, one of Berwick town's three representatives on the county council, said: "If it was agreed that the events we staged should be carried forward this year by the county council, then I think we have got to go back to them and appeal against this."

    Town Mayor, Coun Flora Simpson was equally unimpressed, accusing the county council of going back on its word.

    Coun Jennifer Waterhouse described the Remembrance Day parade and service as probably the biggest event of the year and urged that a meeting be arranged as soon as possible with county council officials to resolve the issue.

    Coun Brian Douglas, another of Berwick's county councillors, said it was important to establish the facts of the matter.

    "Effectively, it was a British Legion occasion rather than a borough council event and the legion is principally the organiser of this.
    "I don't think we should jump the gun – we need a few facts such as what costings there are."

    Coun Bettison added: "There was a lot of officer input from the borough council put into co-ordinating the event with the British Legion."

    Members agreed that a meeting should be convened with the county council in an effort to resolve the issue.

    Link to newspaper site
  2. Disgraceful! There is a lot of support for the forces in the Berwick and Scottish Borders and the remembrance parade has always been well attended. The new council in Northumberland is obviously trying to make in roads into is deficit by cutting support to "non essential" events. They should take note of a neighbouring council that is organising a well publicised council sponsored event for the presentation of veteran’s badges to veterans who live in the area.
  3. Does anyone think the fools in the Northumberland Urinary Council will be missed?
  4. Another one who knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing.