Council official evicted elderly tenants from bungalows...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TwentyBandH, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Council official evicted elderly tenants from bungalows... then moved in herself

    "As a council official with responsibility for helping the homeless, Kristine Reeves knows how much people value their homes.
    Which makes it difficult to explain how she came to play a key role in evicting frail and elderly tenants from their bungalows - then moved into one with her partner. "


    The above says it all. More proof that ZANU Labour have their snouts in the trough at all levels.
  2. So where does Zanu doo dah come into it? :?
  3. Dare say that she'll be sat at home tossing off on £52k for quite a while.

    They should give her a fricking Poncho and a pack of Hexi and drop her off a Dixi's Corner for a month or two. Cnut.
  4. If this corrupt b*tch wasn't breaking the law,then the laws of the land need tightning and she needs to be arrested.

    New Labour,new corruption.
  5. How do you know that she votes Labour?
  6. At what point in my post did I say she voted Labour?.The fact that she was in the employ of a Labour council says it all.

    For the record,she probably would,though,as virtually all the public sector are likely to.For a public sector employee not to vote Labour would be like a turkey voting for Christmas.

    She should be suspended on no pay.Still it's only the taxpayer being screwed,so to Labour that's all right.
  7. "Public Sector" as in Police, Armed Forces, Prison Officers, MI5/6/7/8/9, Immigration Service, JTAC, SOCA etc. Yes, all well known bastions of Zionazinulanzimwank etc.

    And of course she should be suspended on no pay. She's been accused. It's only fair. Get accused, lose yer pay. Go on the dole. That would go down well in the Police, Armed Forces, Prison Officers, MI5/6/7/8/9, Immigration Service, JTAC, SOCA etc.
  8. I noted that although her scheme had evicted the previous elderly tenants, and they moved council employees into them at smaller rents than the original tenants because it "saved" paying a security company to stop squatters moving in.....

    But they have to leave now at 1 months notice. I would have bulldozed the houses with the new tenants still in situ on a sunday morning. This is an outrage, and for the elected council members to claim they didnt know is a total insult to the electorate!
  9. I could have guessed Ashie would have come out in support of someone who ripped off elderly tenants in a Labour council. The woman is earning over £50K per year (hardly fits with the traditional salary of the "public sector") working for a Labour council, and managed manufacture a scheme by which she got cut rate accomodation having evicted the elderly residents that these houses were intended for, Of course there is a sudden attack of amnesia around the elected representatives on this council.
    The woman has abused her position, yes by all means suspend her on pay while she is investigated, but for heavens sake complete the investigation as soon as possible, and get her fired.

    But I digress - under labour all men are equal, but Labour leaders and council employees are more equal than everybody else. Councils are supposed to work for the Council Taxpayers, not sponge accomodation from us.
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I'm with you on that one Bob

    The eviction of elderly residents cannot have been something that the councillors would have known nothing about. Even the dimmest councillor would have said " Well what happens to the property before it gets developed? "

    Also, how did the council employees get to find out about the reduced rent porperties? That woudl provide an interesting line of enquiry. Each and every one of them should know that a conflict of interest is present and should have declined. Each of the employees should be suspended and disciplinary action taken.

    As for being suspended on full pay, yes thats fair enough, but then the disciplinary hearing should take place without delay. I strongly suspect that Miss Reeves will wait as long as she can on full pay and try to get paid off on redundancy or sick leave or any of the other tricks that council officials have used.
  11. Liabour.... need one say more and ashie the voice of liabour of course wont see a thing wrong with the abuse of position
  12. I would have guessed that my completely fair and neutral position would be characterised as "support of someone who ripped off elderly tenants".

    Hanging's too good for 'em! After all, you want to: "complete the investigation as soon as possible, and get her fired". Whether guilty or not, presumably.
  13. Ashie, although I am extremely familiar with employment law and the disciplinary process, she has been suspended on suspicion of abusing her position to gain benefit for herself (and others). While I have used the new processes to dismiss employees in the past few months, mostly for alcohol abuse during working hours, the process of "investigation" is a waste of time. It also gives some employees the comfort of knowing that the process will be long - (Particularly in Politically Correct Council offices) and they will be earning Taxpayers money while this is conducted.

    It is through this delay, caused by the need to investigate what is in most part the blindingly obvious, that an element of comfort is felt by some public employees.
  14. ashie, you're a girl aren't you.
  15. Au contraire. I see everything wrong with abuse of position. When such abuse is proven. Not before.