Council house tenants offered £30,000 bribes to move out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Councils bribe folks to move out of social housing in order to pave the way for those who took out mortgages tht tey can no longer service.

    It would be better to give a £30,000 lump sum to those in the mortgage problems surely? As a low interest or no interest loan.
  2. why?
    theres a desperate shortage of social housing and under right to buy your discount could be even more than that to buy your property not sure how many people will take it.
  3. Around were I live, we have a large amount of single older people living in 3-4 bedroomed houses ( rented from a housing association). They are offered £1,000 per room to downsize ( so 4,000 to go from 4 beds to 1 bed) and yet very few seem to take that offer up.

    HA have tried building more bungalows, sheltered living blocks and nursing homes and still they won't budge
  4. This is about the councils offering incentives to older couples whose children have left home, so that the council might use the larger houses to house families in need of them?

    Where did the figure of £30,000 come from, The Beeb never mentioned that.
  5. Apologies....

    Forgot the link to the The Times.

    Back to Sven.

    If there are people in Social Housing but they shouldn't be ie their kids have moved out, why not move them in to smaller accomodation?

    IIRC Soldiers are given a house based roughly on similar grounds. But unless kids are in education beyond 18 they cease to count as a child.

    Same detail for Social Housing surely.

    Instead of £30k of taxpayers money, send them a letter "Dear Sir/madam, you are in a 4 bedroom house and none of your kids are eligible for a bedroom. We have a choice of 2 bedrooms for you to move to. You have 6 months."
  6. just one slight problem there people have a secure tenancy so thats that clever plan stuffed.
    I think your also find most people with big decent council houses brought them a long time ago.
    a £1000 to move from a house your happy in with neighbours you know to a crappy flat with drug addicts as neighbours mmmmmm yeah I'll take that deal :roll: in brighton its £3500.
    So its unlikely to work as the option isn't very attractive.
    rather than pissing away money build more council houses using the capital reciepts locked away by central goverment and use all these unemployed consrutction workers
  7. We have no room as EVERY migrant that lands gets stuck in a 3/4/5/6 and even 7 bed house.

    I know they seem to be doing away with them these days but why dont they just build more hi-rises and stick the immigrants in. End of the day is their reason for coming here usually "fear for their life"? ...well then they wont mind a nice modern warden controlled hi-rise with a shiney new lift, double glazing and their own personal balcony will they...if not then why not try another country.

    Built more hi-rises, manage what type lives there...problem solved.

  8. How's the BNP membership these days?
  9. Overcrowding is the problem here. We can not accomodate as we are having to pay people to move out of houses they dont even own. My point is lettting more in makes this situation worse.
  10. Bollox.

    I'm in the same town as you and Birmingham can't knock down tower blocks fast enough. Just go and have a look at the blocks on the way up to Five Ways Island by the old Matthew Boulton. Birmingham have also clawed back 46 Million Quid in their war on waste drive, and they'll be sticking it into low rise housing and creating a building boom.

    Maybe we should stick Birmingham Finance in charge of the MoD :D

    As for giving Migrants 6 and 7 bedroom houses? Not hereabouts, unless they're housing them all in the nicer parts of Harbourne and Edgbaston.
  11. I'm going to guess at 'ill-informed' :D
  12. The times this does happen it just tends to be two run-down council houses that get a wall knocked through. Doubling the size of the shithole you live in doesn't stop it being a shithole.
  13. Maybe i was just having a rant.

    6/7 beds maybe not here that we know of but there was a case recently in the news that we do know of.
  14. one case of somebody taking the mick/being lazy.
    its a secure tenancy look up the law
  15. Social housing should be means tested and reviewed regularly to ensure that those with the most urgent need are accommodated. The law could be changed regarding the "secure tenancy" and tenants offered smaller or larger houses as their circumstances change. If social housing was on a means tested basis, there could be more housing for those who need it. The "right to buy" should also be stopped. If tenants are sufficiently well off to afford a mortgage, they should move out and free up the social housing to those who can't. There are also plenty of empty new build appartments in the cities around where I live which, instead of standing empty waiting for first time buyers etc, they could be rented to housing associations which in turn could rent these to those in need and who may have lost their property due to the economic downturn. this could also alleviate the pressure on councils to re-home those in need and reduce their social housing waiting lists; further reducing the burden on tax payers as the councils would pay less on hotels and bed-sits for families at a much greater cost.