council hosing TA

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ben19850, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. i have recently joined the TA and il soon be leaving home.However as it stood a year ago(when i was not in the TA) there was no way i would get a council property unless i had kids(not gonna happen just for a house)

    is there any kind of of support/welfare for service men on this issue?
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  2. Not if you're TA. If you want bed and board, become a Regular, otherwise.... Maybe you can borrow a 9x9
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    Get a flat and pay rent as your a Civvie .... Or just stay with your folks and pay towards the bills !
  4. Did you ever think that it might be time to learn how to write like an adult?
  5. HHH

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    I thought there is a hose pipe ban in operation.
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  6. seriously this is a windup or you really are a complete and utter cock. what makes you are entitled to housing because you are in the ta. ive been in 12 years and have never heard such crap. seriously if you are that thick how the hell did you pass selection
  7. i was just asking advice about it.
    there is a 15+ waiting list for a singe British male on the council list
    and i don't think im entitled to free housing i just don't see why dole dossiers just because the have a child should get it so easy.and i passed selection quite easily thanks.geuss they were really desperate to make up the numbers 12 years ago.
  8. BuggerAll

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    He didn't ask for housing he asked if there was any support or welfare available.

    I've known of reservists who have gone to the British Legion and SSAFA with welfare issues including housing so there is support and welfare available which reservists can access. That said it sounds as if the OP wants to leave his parents home which hardly makes it a welfare issue as he is not being made homeless.
  9. 1. Posted in the property section.
    2. Thread title reads "Council Housing TA" (altered to correct spelling)
    3. Asked for Support/Welfare with ref to Council Housing.

    See where I'm going with this, it's all about getting help gaining council housing.
  10. Must not laugh at " Council hosing" must not laugh.
  11. Council hosing the TA? Is the ******* fire brigade on strike again?
  12. No, I appear to have pooh'd my pants when I was dancing on the bar earlier. People pay more for that, apparently.

    Typed from the gents' bogs in The Fleece with my toes.
  13. Housing associations are where it's at nowadays. Peasant!
  14. Get a grip Ben. Plenty of people are unimpressed with the "dole dossers" but you are, like me, a civvie who plays soldiers every so often. ALL TA are civvies unless they are mobilised.

    You have a home with your parents. Leaving that property will be viewed as making yourself deliberately homeless. That means you are of no interest to the council housing department.

    Join up as a reg, stay at home for now or get a better paid job and rent your own place. Or get a girlfriend who has her own place and move in !

    The RBL etc. can help but you are not in true need so you won't be a priority.
  15. Jesus, is dyslexia a prerequisite for Military service nowadays?
    Man up and rent or stay at home and STFU.