Council condemned for failing to carve Falklands heros name

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pollypocket, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting. Im so angry words fail me :x :evil: :x
  2. Bloody rubbish - he fought and died for Britain - He deserves to be remembered.

  3. Damn... now that is one hell of a lame excuse...
  4. Disgusting. These fekkers cannot do this one (and frankly simple) task but cannot do enough to facilitate buffties marching through the streets next weekend (apparently)...
  5. Another example of spineless liberal cnuts
  6. I don't know if this post should be a new thread but here goes.

    Have all personnel from Iraq and Afghan et al since 1945 been included on their local memorials?
    If not should the MOD or other Government Department be onto this or does it need raising with our/your local MP.

  7. Good point HH. Has certainly got me in the mood to find out from our council .... and kick up sh1t if it turns out how I think!! :evil:
  8. Can someone think up an appropriate letter to Council that we could print out, sign, and send?
    just a thought.
  9. Seconded
  10. If you have been looking on the Tom ND (sun defense correspondent)thread I have emailed this to him, he replied. Perhaps the Sun will run with it (then again perhaps not) but let's see.
  11. Probably this so-called leader wallah is one of them and a friend of the shortly to be annointed one.

    Richard Littlejohn is right and those who have not read his book about the Bliar years are being led up the garden path to a comfy commie-land with no rights and no freedoms - get reading and let us rid this country of the third rate toss-wits that now run it.
  12. CNUT
  13. This is touchy subject with me. Now there have been about 17 conflicts since the end of WW2 now go to any war memorial and have look at the last names entered and they will be all WW2. the reason for this is that the government claims we have not been to war since 1945 and the people killed since then had lost their lives in what is termed Police Actions. I was going through a list of Forces people killed in 1956 in Cyprus and totaled some 300 people, which is more than the British army has lost in Iraq and Afghanistan since the conflicts started. look at the numbers killed in Korea can you find any mention of them on any war memorial. So it is not just this Council it is Government policy
  14. Forget the obvious "Died for his country" comments. If he really was killed trying to rescue a colleague/comrade/Brother in Arms should he not be remembered for that.

    I bet if he was a Fireman or a Copper killed in a similar moment of selflessness then they would have his name all over the place.

    Isn't there "plans" for a national monument to our recently fallen. I remember reading something. With the rate we are losing people with the current climate you would think this matter would be addressed by the RBL and thrown at Parliament.