Council buys thinking caps to aid cost cutting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. A council faced with budget cuts has spent almost £2,000 to issue staff with "thinking caps" and puzzles to help them come up with money-saving ideas.

    Officers are being asked to wear the baseball caps at "brainstorming" meetings and compete to come up with thrift schemes.

    The Isle of Wight council has bought 250 caps, with the words "thinking cap" across the front, and 3,000 cube puzzles which can be made into the word "think".

    The headwear is the idea of the new chief executive, Joe Duckworth, who implemented a similar scheme at Westminster city council.

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    Another triumpth for New Labour!! And people say I should be ashamed for being a tax exile.
  2. Actually, I think you'll find the council was a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Independents and is now Conservative as is the local MP, proving once again that all the ills of the world can't be blamed on Neu Arbeit.

    Most of them can though, so crack on.
  3. Confirms the sure things in life:

    Idiots in Local Government.
  4. I hope that they have sacked, or intend to sack that c*nt.

    If ever there was an excuse to beat a man to death in a carpark, that's it.

    Who the f*ck do these people answer to?
  5. Money-saving idea? How about a 20% cut in councillors' salaries?

  6. Councillors' aren't salaried but they claim for everything under the sun. They don't represent their constituents but themselves; most of them are fat.
  7. if I were the owner of a baseball cap printing firm I'd think it was a brilliant Idea. I'd also recommend monday,tuesday etc be printed on them so you have a different one for brain storming sessions on different days. (well you don't want to wear them out with all that thinking)
    otherwise I'd think it was just a cunning plan to make local council staff look like cnuts.

    I'd like to think that Joe Duckwarth is going to shout "WAAHHHHH" very soon