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Coulson-Unical CU-47 Helitanker

Seeming as the ongoing forest fires in the western part of the USa, thought I share with you one of the best assets on hand. Year and half ago at i went to Heli Expo 2019 in Atlanta and one highlight of the show was the new joint venture between Coulson Aviation and Unical simply called Coulson-Unical And their néw Ford t BOEING cU-47 Helitanker (Ex US Army XH-47D) Canadian company Coulson been in business of aerial firefighting for years operating the Sikorsky S-61N, ex USMC Lockheed Martin c-130H, (sadly one fatal crash in Australia earlier this year) and now Boeing 737 Fireliner (first and only 737 configured for aerial firefighting), Sikorsky S-76, Sikrosky CU-60 Firehawk and the worlds only Martin Mars flying boat. Unical is a southern California Company that has shit loads of ex army UH-60A and CH-47D spare parts and several airframes.

Anyhow here are my photos of the first CU-47 at Atlanta,


To my uninformed eyes that looks like a Chinook with a fancy paint job. Are there any notable differences between that and a wokka?
Is that Mars still airworthy?

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