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Couldnt Send Him Home-Oh Dear, Now He must be Released

Qatada cannot be held in prison and must be released on bail, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission decided.

This comes on the back of the Judicial system refusing to allow Qatada to be sdeported where He might be tortured.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she was extremely disappointed with the decision and would "take all steps necessary to protect the public."
Not "We are surprised, and will be appealing this decision, but he is on 22 hour curfew , and we are all over him, so don't lose any sleep over it"

Cue massive outrage from the usual scaremongering media outlets.

How very convenient.

I wonder what else could possibly be going on this week in the face of considerable opposition?

Hand me the tinfoil , my cynicism with this Government just reached a new level. :roll:
Given that the Govt. has already admitted it can't check the crim records of foreign workers (too "difficult" apparently) working airside at British airports, why does the Home Secretary pretend our security matters at all, except when it suits to pretend it does?
Hardly unexpected. FS The UK Gobmint signs up to all of these EU Laws - what didi it think it could do - selectively ignore them?

Pass the Bacofoil - I am now about to start scouring on-line news for anything bad - I'll start at Page 16, the small column on the right!
This would be the guy whose only words of gratitude were, "Well I didn't ask to be rescued..."

Great Bloke!
Sven said:
This 'firebrand preacher' spoke out and tried to get the insurgents to release Kember.
Abu Qatada has been described as a “truly dangerous individual” who was “heavily involved, indeed at the centre of terrorist activities associated with al-Qa’eda.”

The judgment was made after the Special Immigration and Appeals Commission (SIAC) reviewed extensive secret material on the Jordanian preacher.

They took the view that he had given religious authority to numerous high profile terrorists across the world, including cells planning attacks in Paris, Los Angeles and the September 11 atrocities.

Abu Qatada - real name Omar Mohammed Othman - arrived in Britain from his native Jordan in September 1993 using a forged United Arab Emirates passport and claimed asylum for himself and his wife and three children.

He was recognised as a refugee and granted leave to remain the following June.

The Home Office claim that Qatada provided religious and spiritual advice to extremist groups almost from the moment he arrived in Britain.

He is said to have offered guidance in response to requests for authority to carry out attacks and terrorist cells have been motivated by his speeches and writings.

According to a Home Office dossier, between 1995 and 1999 Qatada used his base at the Four Feathers Social Club in Baker Street, central London to issue a series of influential fatwas [religious rulings] which supported the killing of non-believers.

Among those he influenced were Mohammed Atta, one of the ring-leaders of the September 11 hijackers, who had a number of Qatada’s videos in his Hamburg flat.

It is also said that he advised Rachid Ramda, jailed in France for financing the bombing of the Paris Metro in 1995 and Djamel Beghal an Algerian linked to Finsbury Park mosque, jailed in France for plotting to blow up the American embassy in Paris.

The Spanish claim he is an associate of Abu Dahdah, who ran a network of safe-houses for terrorists in Spain, and sent him money.

He is also said to be a close associate of the Algerian Abu Doha, who was arrested in Britain in 2001 in connection with a planned attack on Los Angeles airport.

The groups who asked for his guidance are thought to include al-Qa’eda, Islamic Jihad in Egypt, the GIA and GSPC in Algeria and other groups in Iraq, Indonesia, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.

It is said he was the “spiritual leader” of the al-Tawhid movement, which was led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who went on to be al-Qa’eda’s leader in Iraq.

MI5 believe that Qatada avoided being drawn into the al-Qa’eda structure in order to maintain his independence and continue his activities in Britain but he did have links to the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, whom he met in Afghanistan and who is now Bin Laden’s number two.

He went into hiding in December 2001, three months after the September 11 attacks, as the Government prepared to introduce a new Anti-terrorism Act which allowed the detention of foreign nationals deemed to be a threat to national security.

The following October Qatada was arrested and 17 months later his appeal was dismissed by the Special Immigration and Appeals Commission (SIAC) which described him as a “truly dangerous individual” who was “heavily involved, indeed at the centre of terrorist activities associated with al-Qa’eda.”

A year later, in March 2005, Qatada was released from Belmarsh after an appeal to the House of Lords which found the legislation contravened the Human Rights Act and placed under house arrest but later returned to jail.

Qatada has been convicted twice in Jordan in his absence for conspiracy to carry out bomb attacks on two hotels in Amman in 1998, and providing finance and advice for a series of bomb attacks in Jordan planned to coincide with the Millennium.

He is currently in Long Lartin high security prison in Worcestershire and continues to fight his extradition to Jordan.

Profile: Abu Qatada, 'An al-Qa'eda lynchpin'

Well as the old AA advert went "He's a very nice man, a very very nice man". Eh Sven? :roll:
The sooner we get out the EU, tear up the "Human" Rights Act and restore the treason act, then the sooner Qatada and his cohorts can be charged, found guilty in a fair trial and sent to the scaffold.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum system.
I love this country, its the turkeys voting for Christmas again. :roll:
Despite the world and His mate saying the opposite, this government will not allow intercepts as evidence - and so there is no evidence that can be brought against this man. If it were to change then I would have no qualms about Qadata being brought up before the beak.

However, Ex ex, what has it to do with Norman Kember and therefore the thread?
Well, not strictly true, he did eventually say thanks after being criticized for being an ungrateful c0ck.

More can be learned of this charming gentleman here:

Clearly he was such a boring b*stard that the kidnappers decided to phone the coalition HQ, give up the address where he was and plead for him to be rescued.

Nice to see that Emeritus ('E' means 'out' and 'meritus' means 'deserved it') Professor Kember believes that having Abu Qatadr at liberty in the UK will speed up the peace process in Iraq. But only if AQ slips and falls under a bus or something... :twisted:
The_Cad said:
The sooner we get out the EU, tear up the "Human" Rights Act and restore the treason act, then the sooner Qatada and his cohorts can be charged, found guilty in a fair trial and sent to the scaffold.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum system.
FFS. This is why your coup d'etat is needed sooner rather than later!

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