Couldnt Send Him Home-Oh Dear, Now He must be Released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Qatada cannot be held in prison and must be released on bail, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission decided.

    This comes on the back of the Judicial system refusing to allow Qatada to be sdeported where He might be tortured.
  2. Not "We are surprised, and will be appealing this decision, but he is on 22 hour curfew , and we are all over him, so don't lose any sleep over it"

    Cue massive outrage from the usual scaremongering media outlets.

    How very convenient.

    I wonder what else could possibly be going on this week in the face of considerable opposition?

    Hand me the tinfoil , my cynicism with this Government just reached a new level. :roll:
  3. wot ptp sed.

    ... PTP where do I claim my tinfoil hat?
  4. Given that the Govt. has already admitted it can't check the crim records of foreign workers (too "difficult" apparently) working airside at British airports, why does the Home Secretary pretend our security matters at all, except when it suits to pretend it does?
  5. Hardly unexpected. FS The UK Gobmint signs up to all of these EU Laws - what didi it think it could do - selectively ignore them?

    Pass the Bacofoil - I am now about to start scouring on-line news for anything bad - I'll start at Page 16, the small column on the right!

    I nearly choked on my weetos reading this 8O

    I fear something is fundamentally wrong with this country nowadays. How can we bail a known “firebrand preacher, described as Osama bin Laden's right hand man in Europe”????? and what on earth is a UK citizen (who we had to rescue) doing going to court to help free this loon????

    I’m lost :roll: 8O
  7. This 'firebrand preacher' spoke out and tried to get the insurgents to release Kember.
  8. We need to dress him as a Brazilian Electrician and send him on the Tube!

    Sooner he meets a bullet the better!
  9. oh ok.. thats cool then. Shall get Gordo to invite him No 10 for a cup of tea :p :D
  10. This would be the guy whose only words of gratitude were, "Well I didn't ask to be rescued..."

    Great Bloke!
  12. Perhaps someone could give him a 'brazilian' and then electrocute him on the tube instead? :twisted:

  13. Profile: Abu Qatada, 'An al-Qa'eda lynchpin'

    Well as the old AA advert went "He's a very nice man, a very very nice man". Eh Sven? :roll:
  14. The sooner we get out the EU, tear up the "Human" Rights Act and restore the treason act, then the sooner Qatada and his cohorts can be charged, found guilty in a fair trial and sent to the scaffold.

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum system.