Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...

Rocketeer said:
I've got to admit, I've had a less than perfect sleep dwelling on the endless possibilities.. she could be a ' robust blend of dark Columbian coffee ' or wind up being a decaf frou frou latte with no cream in the ' coffee invite' department.. While not in my dotage, I am well aware that women examine the 'best before' date intently when approaching one such as me [ slightly post- mid life - ahem ] to see whether the length of the zeros after the 1 in the bank account make up for any possible shortfall in length elsewhere.. call it the Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome...

Perhaps the fantasy w*nk is better to contemplate than reality..and, of course there is the possibility of the loss of the comfort of long-term stability, [ and possible life and strategic parts] if the Mrs. etc. etc.. but, the potential for ' danger' does give one a definite buzz and perks up the -um - senses..

I'm obviously in need of the little angel/little devil perching on my shoulder giving advice here...

How long can I dither before making/not making the call before the whole opportunity goes belly up?

Damn... WWHD? [ what would Hef do? ] oh, yeah.. he'd dump her for blonde triplets...
I would be careful here, are you really sure that her intensions are anything other than sharing war stories.......could be a bunny boilerv as well, as I said remember the 3 Fs.

Another thing to consider is the reinvention of Candid Camera??

My radar isn't so out of whack that I couldn't detect the meaning in her ' presentation' .. this is likely not a sit round the couch looking at old photos/books debating session on offer, but a more ' intimate' disection of -erm - life experiences at the front...the possibility of something more than debating Patton tactics or Montgomery's intention vis a vis Market Garden was dangled front and centre in the confines of the large book aisle...

the hesitating concern,among others, is whether this is a fun and games encounter or she has Ulterior Motive/Nefarious Purpose/Nutter in the Closet intentions.. a distinct possibility with all women.. I don't need to have an avalanche when simply looking to get my rocks off..

Damn.. when I was younger, this ' debate' never happened.. just down another beer and go for the gusto..

I blame the lawyers for the hesitation in today's decision-making process.. all about litigation/law suits and protecting ' valuables '..
At times like this I remember me ol' mate Audre Lorde:

"The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference".

....errr right. Perhaps I can find something by Confucious which is a little less obscure, or, on the other hand, perhaps not.

Shag her.
Rocketeer said:
I blame the lawyers for the hesitation in today's decision-making process.. ..
I'll tell you where the lawyers come in. Unless you deliver the goods along with full blow by blow account, preferably with pictures, you are likely to face a class action on behalf of arrsers for the emotional distress you have caused by raising our legitimate expectations and then failng to deliver on the moral contract thus created. So my original advice stands. Just do it.
This all boils down the the eternal question Rocky, namely "Can I get away with it?"
You say you met your potential paramour in the local library, it doesnt look promising.
Whether you diddle her and do one, or decide to launch into a lengthy affair, the odds are, that one day, she'll be behind you (and Mrs Rocketeer) at Tescos checkout.
I'd give this one a miss, but you can clearly still quicken a ladies pulse, so you need to hunt further afield. I'm single again, but the last thing I want is to be looking over my shoulder in my home town. These days, I do all my carousing and even shopping, in a town twenty miles from where I live.
So break out the Hi Karate and your best pulling pants, fill up the passion wagon, and hit the road. :wink:
Nah - go for it mate. I did and it worked

harriden of an ex 53 yrs old living an her own - present girlfriend 31 yrs old (me? 23 in me head, in a 50 yr old body)

Best thing I ever did (see the looks when I go to the corps mess do's - the only other bloke to get more is a guy in his sixties just come back from the far east - his ahem, new wife is about 25ish luverly, but undecided about the gender as yet...sorry J***)
Give me her number and I'll fcuking shag her. I need it more than you.
GO FOR IT, just remember to do it on your own terms, have an escape route, pack your rubber mates and use decoy routes so she can't follow you home and post pictures on net.
Okay, what the hell.. it was an invite for ' coffee and conversation ', right? anything else is - um - ' speculation ' [ahem ]..

so..since you only get one shot at chances on this planet - might as well see what develops rather than sit in my rockin' chair in a few years thinking about what I might have missed...

Got some work to do taking me through the weekend, so I'll see what I can tee up first of the week... something along the lines of a " meeting with a colleague to discuss mutual issues " or such like..

I'll report on this thread the details, if any, within the bounds of - er -decorum and discretion - can't guarantee photties, though..could be used in evidence against me...
Stick with the Mrs, at least you know that the only bunnies she boils are the ones in your stew.
Floppyjocky...don't be a puff!

Rockets, get on with it. We will settle for nothing less than a detailed description of her pert pale pink nipples and almost invisible aureolae with a sheaf of Titian hair strewn across the pillow..but there's no pressure, I don't want to cloud your judgement!
Cuddles said:
We will settle for nothing less than a detailed description of her pert pale pink nipples and almost invisible aureolae with a sheaf of Titian hair strewn across the pillow..
Cuddles - this smacks of 'Mayfair' c.1978. Just how old are you? Oh - and twos up on the mag!
OK Rocks, you asked for the angel/devil on your shoulder. Here is food for thought from the angel side. Read your post now as:

Rocketeer said:
there was Mrs Rocketeer in the local library conducting some research in one of the less trafficked tome aisles when she reached for a crucial ledger only to wrap her hand around that of another person rather than the selected volume.. It was a cliched moment out of some B grade film.. She quickly withdrew [ though not without noting the delicacy of the other's skin] and made some outrageously witty comment in apology which elicted a most welcome and delightfully melodious reply. She turned to stare into astonishing ice-blue eyes of the type not seen since Paul Newman. The man before her offered moist pillow lips, drawn back in a welcoming smile revealing toothpaste-ad white teeth. She dropped her eyes modestly and found them fixated on a gorgeous set of pecs. Mrs Rocketeer quickly returned to looking at his face which was framed by gorgeous black hair.

After a moment of polite explanation as to her need for the book and the type of research she does, rather than be put off by such esoterica ' he indicated that he found it a fascinating field of study and was deeply interested in 'her profession '...

They engaged in a bit of further talk which quickly showed Mrs Rocketeer that he was well-versed, witty and warm and they got into a quite stimulating exchange of opinions.. This topical discussion allowed her to avoid indicating that she was ' spousally encumbered ' [She too was claiming the Clinton precedent- Don't Ask/Don't Tell ]...

Suffice it say, despite her advancing years, non-Angelina Jolie physique and noticably grey follicular topping -which he didn't seem to notice, he offered the opportunity to continue their conversation in a more comfortable setting - his place - over ' coffee '...

She loves Mr Rocketeer but admits to a sudden conflict of emotions and had to resort to the lame [ but real ] excuse of a prior engagement that prevented her from taking up his invitation...He ' fully understood ' , given the spontenaity of the invitation , and left his phone number with an ' open offer ' to continue the discussion at a more 'convenient ' time... The tall dark welcoming stranger was left with a vibrant image of her smile and friendliness as she retreated, not before she flashed one more scintillating smile over her shoulder...

The stranger quickly sought out a nearby armchair and slumped down in a bit of a sweat... He almost went looking for her after a few moments and he hasn't stopped thinking of Mrs Rocketeer since....

Now should Mrs Rocketeer go for it. and explored the possibilities dangled in the invitation and to hell with any fallout/consequences?
How does it read now? I'm not being horrible by the way, just seeing it from a different point of view.

Ice :wink:
Gee. Ice...way to go and put a damper on things.. sheesh.. 8O
Use the Force, Rockets......
I always believe in looking back and regretting doing something rather than not doing something. Works for me.
Hey if you dont try you will only spend the next 5 years wondering what if, trust me ive been there and im still asking the same question. If you go be safe secure and have a bloody good alibe, i will supply one if required.
Storeman Norman said:
Cuddles said:
We will settle for nothing less than a detailed description of her pert pale pink nipples and almost invisible aureolae with a sheaf of Titian hair strewn across the pillow..
Cuddles - this smacks of 'Mayfair' c.1978. Just how old are you? Oh - and twos up on the mag!
I know....

I'm not lending the mag because I know the condition it will be returned in.

As for the description, well it got me going! Ging minge is the way forward, talking of which the Fenian Bride has returned with goodies from a national super-market chain! Yummy! :roll:

C - [ coffee ] Hour is set for Tuesday, May 9, 2006.... 1400 hours local [ DST ]

will post AAR if it is a survivable mission

End Message

Now going to start medicinal brandy treatments to discover why the F** I'm doing this...

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