Could your unit be a film location?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. MilWeb has an article asking for suggestions from units where there are possible suitable film locations:

    I can't decide whether to contact them to suggest my Mess as suitable for any film requiring a run-down, badly-maintained building full of period charm (i.e. ancient plumbing and tiny rooms), or to get in touch as Mr Rocco Siffredi, eager to make use of the stables at Hyde Park Barracks.... :twisted:
  2. didnt do new zealand camp farm any good, the place is shutting end of october :(
  3. I have the misfortune to work with these Defence Estates muppets. A better case for culling civil servants I have yet to see. They are focking hopeless.
    Part time wxankers.

    I've been to these film meetings. Luvvies come down to Wiltshire to do a deal then get talked at by a bunch of third rate tweed-clad half-wits without a commercial fibre in their bodies. Add a couple of bemused Jack Russels and the scene is complete. The beurocracy is mind numbing.
  4. If somebody is looking to make "Units from Hell" or want to see working accomodation that makes Bosnia look good then contact anybody at York Bks, Munster. :roll:
  5. Have a look at the MOD Film Locations website. I whiled away 15 mins this afternoon spotting the mistakes, including:

    'Full Metal Jacket' was apparently directed by a Mr S Cubrick

    Each location listed has a list of previous productions filmed there - or not, as they mention FMJ in Bassingbourn's blurb but it isn't on the list. RAF Uxbridge featured extensively in a recent 'Silent Witness', which seems to have escaped MOD Estates attention - and so it goes on.

    I bet they have credibility in spades with the luvvies.

  6. What about security? Terrorists posing as a film crew? How hard would it be to hire a camera and a few lights and a couple of vans? And you could bring in your guns and bombs as "props" for the film you was making. WHAT F**KING IDIOT IN THE MOD DIDN'T THINK THIS THOUGH, is it going to be like people invading Buckingham Palace or Parliament?

    Then theres intelligence, why go to the trouble of using high tech equipment, when you can drive up to a base, pretend your making a film, get out a camrea and film whatever you like, then pop it in the post back to Moscow, Peking or whereever.
  7. :lol:

    What a crank!
  8. So your going to tell me that could never happen?
  9. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Can I suggest TCH's office at MOD. He clearly doesn't do anything useful there. He could even be employed as a tea boy on the set or something handy like that.
  10. Not sure he'd be up to something as complex as making tea.

    However, I am certain he could have a sparkling career as a 'fluffer' in gay porn - he appears to be so far up Grasping Gordon's rectum that if Gordon stops, TCH disappears.
  11. , TCH disappears.
    what a headline to wake up to that one would be :twisted: :evil:
  12. Nah, I think tea boy would be a bit beyond his caperbilities.
  13. Mate, I think even DE, HQ ATE and SO2 Media may smell a rat if the film company turn up to a planning meeting looking like the CIA most wanted list. That said I am not so sure about DE.....

    How many terrorist organisations will pay £100k up front to get into a camp? They'd be better off letting one rip at Oxford Circus.
  14. The Royal Naval College in Greenwich (as was) was always being used as a film set - everything from costume dramas, to thrillers: brought out the wives and daughters when Harrison Ford was filming there abot 15 years ago! Also remember Faslane Naval Base being used for one ofthe Roger Moore 007 movies! (At least that bit included the submarines!)
  15. bit embarrasing if the spies for moscow or peking turn up and start laughing at what the armys got to work with :oops: