Could you still pull if your head was like a cheese melt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Only if I covered my arrse grafted face with a bigh pillow

  2. Yes, its personality that counts

  3. No, I am so ugly even a fat bird wouldn't do me

  1. The Naafi's going a bit downhill again. There hasn't been a really p1ss yer self posting for a wee while now. Where are all the regulars? I've decided to ask a question, if you looked like Simon Weston would you manage to pull ?

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  2. Well,Simon did and to a nice-looking lady as well,IIRC
  3. Mmm He looks like Jim Mcdonald


    Soopertrooper, that was in thoroughly bad taste, well done that man :D

    Any other celebrity burns victims?


    Nikki Lauda...... granted not in the same league as Simon, but a bit cheeky all the same :D
  4. Michael Jackson did quite well after his head was on fire, and kids are notoriously picky.
  5. I like to think that having served and seen a lot of nasty stuff, poking fun at the horrible things some of us have seen and experienced is a good way to cope with it and also provide a source of entertainment. My head has not been melted I still attract the fat fookers so can someone please melt their action man on my face so I can pump a decent bird!

    I think the one in the middle is Mrs Canteen Cowboy 8O

    deleted again as your a knobber

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  6. CC, never knew your missus & my ex (2nd from left :oops: ) were on such close terms - get her to ask what she did with my black book will ya? :D

    As for original question Supe, will let you know if my fuel brewing goes wrong ;)
  7. Couldn't find any more molten celebs but I got a picture of our glorious leader Mrs 'Queenie' Blair. Do you think he/she'd do Simon?

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  8. Middle one? I see a foot & Ayrton Senna (?) - what can't I see? :?
  9. think its a bit mean taking the pi55 out of simon weston... you sad tw@

    you know he's had a bad time of it with his divorce and all that...

    on his divorce petition where it askes for reason for divorce he'd scribbled in "My kids dont look like me"
  10. Looks like CC didn't want to see his bird naked and censored a picture of 5 large bloaters dozy.

  11. Simon Weston made 5000 quid selling his anti-flash on E-bay, as it was still in the original packing.. :D

  12. 8O
  13. Anyone wanting to go on the pull without cremating your head could test the theory by putting on three swimming hats and sticking your head under the grill for a couple of minutes.

    Worked for me, I got a nosh and a shag, so am on the prowl today for a factory fire that I can try and beat out with my bonce.

    I may then approach Vivid video and MR WEston himself to see if he fancies doing a manlove video...... featuring 'money shots to melty bits'
  14. Funny that you should say that, MDN, I have always wanted to film a grot movie in a burns ward. :D