Could you run 100km in 7hrs 30?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Supine, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. I'm in absolute awe of this Brit lady:
    100km World Cup

    Bloody well done.
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Big up to all. I am just about up to the 10km for the Great South!!
  3. That's 100 km though... I'm not sure I could walk it without help or a pub halfway round.
    Good luck in the 10 km though.
  4. 100km? I'd piss 100km
  5. Some of my colleagues recently took part in a charity ultra marathon (100km). They took just over 24 hours to complete the course and were in absolute bits.

    Hats off to this effort though.
  6. Wow! That's a great time and it's good to see another female world champ from GB, the first since Carolyn Hunter-Rowe (twice) I think. While 7:30 is a barrier for women, the womens' world best is a rapid 6h33m set by a Japanese lady! Often the mans' World and European title is won in a slower time than that! I have started several 100k events but completed only 3! It's bl00dy hard mentally! 6h54 best, 8h04 worst. That's respectable but the mens world best is 6h10 (on a 400m track!) set by Don Ritchie at Crystal Palace in 1978. Don still runs Ultra events today.
  7. That is amazing!!! Do these people ever compete in the death marthon (i think, might have got teh nick name wrong) across teh sarah, i belive it is just over a martahon each ady for 6 or so days.

    Well done Ventress for last sundays efforts in the 10K, i also can also say i was part of the winning SOUTH team.
  8. Well done girl. I dont think I could drive 100K in 7 1/2hrs.
  9. oh dear you might have problems 2/3rds the way round, its 10 mile :twisted:
  10. Wow! Very Impressive!!! the Italian looked very close in the picture so Well Done that Girl! on the subject of Ultra Runs has anyone attempted the 'West Highland Way' Ultra Run? it is Approx: 150km and has to be completed in under 36 hours...

  11. Blimey. She wants to reduce her mileage and have a crack at Paulas marathon record, very impressive time for 100k, I've only ever done marathons and they're hard enough.
  12. no, probably not
  13. No but then I have a life, drink beer , eat takeways and generally live life to the full. :D
  14. Some probably do but many of the Marathon de Sables runners are 'different' to most human beings! A few years ago I was approached and asked if I would train a guy to do the MdS, he went from perfect vision to just 20% vision and wanted to be the first blind man to run the event. He would need a guide runner, we found one (not me FFS). However, I spoke with his wife and we agreed that despite his best efforts he could die from such an event due to him not being willing to cover the training (I'd take him to a gym treadmill 3 times a week). Since then a complete blind person has completed the MdS successfully.
  15. A 7h30 100k runner would cover the marathon possibly in the 2h40 - 2h50 region. I've met many elite male marathon runners who suffer and fail at the 100km event. Then I've met very sucessful Ultra runners who are mediocre at the marathon. I think it was Sunada (Japan) with a Marathon best of 2:12 who holds the 100km road best of 6h13. However, in 1999 he did not respect the 100km distance at the World Champs and passed the Marathon point of the 100km in a blistering 2:26!!! His wheels fell off but he managed to hang on for second! He returned to the Marathon and has since run 2:10.