Could you pick me up a little something at the Airport?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bat_Crab, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    Not in any airports I've been in. Normally some weak coffee and a stale danish pastry is all that's on offer whenever I travel, not a slelection of young, lithe eastern European beauties willing (or not) to pander to your every sexual whim. Maybe that's what you get in the First Class lounge!

    Does anyone here find themselves unable to purchase a hot cuppa at the airport because it's overloaded with Moldovan whores, or are we all missing a trick?
  2. As everything in Airports is overpriced before you get to Duty free, does anyone know the highstreet price of a Uzbekistani whore, just so next time I go home, I can compare the difference.
  3. A few points....

    They just wont let it go will they!!!!! What has this got to do with this particular piece, it is just drivel.

    I've heard of picking the wrong 'un but that takes the cake.

    How long had she known these "friends".

    She should have charged extra for that.

    The icing on the cake.

    Probably by some bonkers law, that will mean all legal au pairs etc get screwed, and their employers taxed, but does nothing to help those who are in genuine need.

    Here is an idea. Proper policing of the borders, of those entering our country will prevent this sort of thing in part. We will know who is in our country, and who isn't. We can then go after the traffickers and spot the girls as they drop off the "radar" so to speak.

    Oh, and bring back the death penalty for the human traffickers.

    Red Light Areas, instead of keeping brothels underground may help too. With Harsh penalties for those unlicenced ones.
  4. In Dubai you can pay up to Dhs500 for an Uzbekistani whore, however i like the Eritrean ones, and i can barter them down to about Dhs150
  5. Alright then, more or less the same as a toblerone then, it's all so clear now. :thumright:
  6. Do they do them sale or return?
  7. A good start might be policing airport coffee shops if Auntie Beeb is to be believed :shakefist:

    Personally I think we should set up an ARRSE refuge for Eastern European sex slaves; there's plenty of room at Castle Bat_Crab and I personally volunteer to be the Parliamentary Inspector for Mistreated Prostitutes (PIMP for short).
  8. As you are going to be the PIMP, can I be your Bro? (Brothel Resettlement Officer)
  9. Of course. We will need several Bros, to ensure that the fallen women are kept on the straight and narrow. You will be issued with a dark suit, fedora, cane and flick knife. I shall wear a purple zoot suit with matching fedora and peacock feather and carry a gold cane topped with a diamante encrusted figurine of a naked lady. Crocodile skin shoes are a must.
  10. Ah, a snaggy individual who lives in the York Club then I take it??
  11. Bagsy i be the 'Madam'! I can ponce about front of house in Ron Hills and sparkly stilettoes,that way no matter HOW rough the girls are ,they'll look prime when you stand 'em next to me! Win/win situation :)
  12. That is so much a fashion disaster in the making, it might even look cool. ROFL!

  13. Since you are helping these poor naives, If there are any fat/stinking/face-like-a-bag-of-chewed-frogs that need "sizing up" before entering active service, I am more than willing to enter my services, just so I can get an honourable mention here.

    I would think of an amusing anagram for a job title, but to be honest, I'm not that smart today (Damn you St Patricks Day).
  14. I saw the thread title - Could you pick me up a little something at the Airport? - and thought someone was importing midgets!?
  15. I ve been there once or twice :thumleft: