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Could you join MI6?

Just did the text version...Personally, I would never work for an organisation that crap that publishes an aptitude test containing such a glaring school-boy error on its website!
Christ I took the test, blacked out, woke up on a fishing vessel with a round in my gut, have developed the ability to be nails, snotted an african dictator, Ms Reni was killed in Goa by a sniper, finished up in Moscow being chased by shadowy figures and the.......hang on..... :?


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kes1 said:
old_fat_and_hairy said:
All I get is a blank, black screen. Maybe I haven't the clearance to see the test?
Me too OHaH, looks like we failed miserably :(

Edited: I passed the text version :D
I always fail. Not always miserably, sometime I'm quite cheerful about it. I think i failed because I forgot I was a woman and raised the toilet seat! :p

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