Could you guys give me some knowledge.

So basically,
Im a carer for my brother as he does not attend school and work on the weekends, I lost my father and uncle, and have a young sister also.
so the family relies on me quite a bit more than the average teen lol.
When I left school I came across the army and wanted to join,
So I applied at 17 yo, but discovered that I was needed by my brother so that my mother could work.
I applied again at 18 yo, thinking that I could make something work, but I made the unselfish decision to stay caring. For my mothers sake.
Im 19 now and because of my attraction too joining for the last three years, im pretty confident its what i want too do haha.
But now, me, brother and sister, mother are moving closer too my grandparents, so they could now take over the caring.
Am I now like red listed or something, because I have applied twice and not come through with it.
Can I apply again, for a third time ?
I will move to another city to a different recruitment office if needed.


War Hero
I doubt it will be a problem, I’ve had a couple of applications over the years, things happen which get in the way of these things so sure you will be fine

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